“I didn’t expect you guys to have such a sympathy,nice,I didn’t expect this,This angel is more and more interested in you。”

Even telling the flight,Angel Yan’s words still fell smoothly in Zhao Xin’s ears。
Finally, Angel Yan took Xin Zhao and fell on a man wearing a horns helmet,And this man saw Angel Yan’s first glance,The eyes flashed with shock and surprise。
“Burning Fire God of War Heart?”
I heard this man call himself Zhixin,Angel Yan is not angry,But looking at him with a little interest“You actually know Zhixin,If i read it right,Your faith,It doesn’t seem to be an angel?”
“Believe it or not,What does it matter now,We are followers of Kiran, the god of time,Now the country has become like this,And as the king of the northern kingdom,Didn’t pay my duty,I am sorry my people!”The horned man said。
Angel Yan smiled“Rest assured,As long as i come,Little devil,Easy things,your name?”
“My name is tai~Sniff,Nice to meet you,Noble angel of judgment。”Sniff can become a master of Fraser,Can be considered capable,When I met Angel Yan,Although quite shocked,But it didn’t show that I was too admired。
“I’m not a heart,It seems that you do know a lot about us,I’m curious,How do you spread me here。”
“What is your name?”
“Gosh,You are the legendary god of thunder,Nice to see you。”After hearing Yan’s name,Snife respects Angel Yan more。
You know that in the preaching of Enicid,This Thunder God of War is even more powerful than the Fire God of War。
I heard the title of Thunder God of War,Yan who was relatively cold just now,Smile now,Obviously very satisfied with this answer。
“Not bad,Not bad,I am the God of Thunder,Angel Yan!”
I heard Angel Yan’s claim,There was still some iron-clad Snife just now,Kneel directly on the ground“Our people believe in Kiran, the god of time,Anishid believes in the God of Judgment,Now the God of Judgment comes to save us,Aini,I blamed you wrong!”
This Snife is also a talent,Directly define Angel Yan as the one who came to save them,It can be regarded as setting the tone for keeping a small fate。
Time God Kiran?

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