But the problem is,This bridge is in China,That poor country where more than half of the people are still hungry,Want to receive at least one day30Ten thousand dollars toll,Requires at least10Ten thousand cars pass this bridge,is it possible?Does China have so many cars passing on this bridge??

In the eyes of many Americans,Is there any in China1010,000 cars have to be marked with a question mark。
“Old quarter,I understand what you mean,Your worry is not unreasonable。”Chen Geng patted Ji Shengcheng on the shoulder,He understands,The reason why Ji Shengcheng was so hurried to talk to himself when he just returned to the United States,Actually responsible for the work,Also,Standing1981Today,Who can believe that China will continue30Keep no less than every year for many years8%The annual economic growth rate?
Ji Shengcheng’s expression eased a bit:“Then you still……”
Chen Geng nodded,Affirmative:“Yes,I will continue to invest in this project。”
Ji Shengcheng suddenly became anxious:“Boss you……”
“Of course I have considered everything you said,”Chen Geng raised his hand,Tell Ji Shengcheng to wait for him to finish:“But have you considered,It will take several years to build such a bridge?”
Although I don’t know why my boss suddenly asked this question,Ji Shengcheng thought about it,Still say:“Uh……It’s eight or nine years?This is my biggest worry,Our funds are all trapped inside……”
In the U.S,Can build such a bridge across the river in 1989,This speed is super fast,It’s not that the American architecture in this era is not good enough,Consider the construction level and ability of American construction companies alone,There is enough time for three or four years to repair such a bridge,What is really time-consuming is the time for the government department to go through the process,Under normal circumstances, it is fast to complete the process within four to five years.,It’s not uncommon for some projects to take ten to twenty years without completing the process.。
“If i tell you,Up to five or six years,This bridge can be completed and opened to traffic?”
“Vaco!How can this be?”Ji Shengcheng was stunned,Open to traffic in five or six years at most?He couldn’t help but swallowed,Repeat again:“This is impossible!”
Chen Geng smiled,Said:“you forgot?China is not a democratic country,This kind of thing,They don’t need to be as troublesome as we are,In terms of execution,They are much better than us。”
Ji Shengcheng said nothing,He swallowed again:Yes indeed,Why did I forget this?……
“wrong!I almost lied to you,Even if they can build this bridge in five or six years、Built,But if there are not so many vehicles,What’s the use?”Ji Shengcheng reacted immediately:Good risk, good risk,Almost cheated by the boss。
Chen Geng wants to talk to Ji Shengcheng about the current development speed of China,I want to talk to him about Magic Capital Development PuDDetermination,But think about it,Chen Geng still didn’t say,something,Go and see for yourself、Experience it for yourself,Much stronger than others telling you ten thousand times:“How about this,You go to China,Go to the magic city,Stay for a month,Feel it for yourself、Go experience,When you come back, tell me if you continue to oppose this project。”
“I’m going to China?”Ji Shengcheng’s face is a little pale。
To say in North America,Ordinary Americans are still just“A little scared”if,So the Chinese like Ji Shengcheng,That is for China“Very scared”Up,They always have an illusion that they don’t know where it came from,As long as you dare to go to China,Will definitely be arrested by the Chinese government,Not being rewarded with an iron peanut,Is being sent to a dark mine to mine。

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