Because the gunfire on the wall is getting sparser,And the worms in the city are still surging crazily,Constantly rushing into the moat,Layer after layer。

Not only Tu Shanming saw it,If you don’t change the unfavorable situation,It’s only a matter of time before the city breaks。
Long Zhanye didn’t say anything,Silently picked up the sword,Ready to fight。
The remaining forty-two veterans,Stood up one after another,Spontaneously surrounded them,Plan to fight with them。
“Stop!You can’t play now!”Gao Dajin sees that the two are going to fight,Hurriedly stopped。
Tu Shanming stared at his fat face,Pooh,Smiled sadly:“Stop your mother!I won’t go down,Those bugs are about to climb up!Only now do you know that Master Wu Hao is so good??”
Tu Shanming’s last words,Speaking tall and silent。
Although this asshole doesn’t usually have a proper shape,Speak incoherently,Talk wherever you think,But this time,He was right!
If it weren’t for Master Wuhao forcing the whole city to prepare overnight,I’m afraid Sandstorm City can’t hold it now。
only,Even if Wuhao-sama can predict the enemy prophet,What about mobilization before the war?Who can think of it,The dark race army outside the city has so many troops,Ten times as much as yesterday。
“Pour fuel!burn!”Gao Dajin desperately,Had to order,Light the moat。
In an instant,Vats of fuel poured down from the city。
The soldiers have been waiting for this order!They want to reproduce the glory of yesterday,Burn out those nasty bugs。
boom!Hot flames soaring into the sky,The entire moat suddenly turned red。
This fire,The flame burns harder than yesterday ,Stronger。
Those black evil maggots tumbling in the flames,jump,Make a scream,Be burnt。
There was a huge cheer on the city。
Terran soldiers finally waited for this moment,They all screamed with excitement。
but,The grassroots gang were not surprised,Even the officers have no joy on their faces。

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