Chapter Three Seventy Three Don’t talk to strangers2
The middle-aged man scolded with a smile,After returning Bai Lu to her grandmother,,Go to work on my own business again。
Grandma holding Bai Lu,Rolled his eyes at the middle-aged man,Shaking his head,As if I had suffered。
&; Until he watched the middle-aged man go far,Grandma looked at Bai Lu who was caught by herself,Keep slapping Bai Lu on the back of the neck with her wrinkled palm。
“Let you run!I let you run!You run again!”
Grandma almost drags Bai Lu,Go back to my room。
Along the way,Let Bai Lu shout,Those migrant workers seem to be numb,On deaf ears,Focus only on what you are doing。
The way home,Bai Lu struggled to make a deep trace,Until she was dragged by grandma,Fell heavily to the ground。
“You thought you came here,Can escape?”
Torn face,Grandma doesn’t bother to pretend。
The wrinkles on the face squeeze out a vicious look,Staring coldly at Bai Lu,It’s like looking at the prey I’ve captured。
“You are breaking the law!You are a robbing girl,You are…”
Bai Lu fell to the ground in a panic,Looking at the grandmother and her son in horror,Unfortunately,Bai Lu has moved out of the law,Grandma still doesn’t care,And where her son only knows smirk。
“The law is made for those of you who love to learn,I don’t know the law,Can it control me?”
Grandma grinning grinningly,The grandmother who picked up the crutches again raised the crutches to Bai Lu and beat her head and face.。
Not long,There are many cylindrical bruise marks on Bai Lu’s face。

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