“I just……I just do what i can。”Shi Meirou said。

Shitouzhai Shantou,Zhu Minglang is bypassing the wall,Arrived at the back of the stockade。
He saw a graveyard behind the stockade,He hesitated for a while,Still go to the graveyard。
Zhu Minglang has some confusion after all,But many things cannot be confirmed,Only one thing,That’s the saying about drowning Yin Ling。
At that time, the girl in the village described it in detail,Even said which tree it was buried under。
Zhu Minglang walked to the old pear tree covered with white ribbons,Standing by the one Shi Meirou said to help him“Be safe”The grave of the drowned ghost。
There is indeed a grave here,Only when I saw the name on the gravestone,Zhu Minglang’s face has changed。
Shi Hua!
This grave,Is a woman’s grave,And it records many of her deeds,Seems to be a leader of Lihuagou。
This is completely inconsistent with the description of the village girl!
She never encountered any drowned ghost!
The entire Shitou Village is basically dead,Only she survived。
At first, Zhu Minglang thought that she had escaped after the smell of the dead people covered her smell of living people.,It might be because of her Yin Ling Master,Sanglong can’t smell her,But now the more I think about it, the more I feel wrong。
“Maybe it didn’t confuse the dragon at all,From the beginning to the end, she is controlling the dead,What she can do as a necromancer is more than just seeing the dead,Communicate with the dead,Can also manipulate the dead!!”Zhu Minglang took a breath。
Those who are being manipulated,Behave exactly the same as when he was alive,Just because they are manipulated。
And this girl was hiding in the well,Because she is controlling the people in the village to speak,But it can’t be discovered by Zhu Minglang and others。
“Really vicious!”
I wish Minglang’s eyes become cold。
I was deceived,This girl has problems from beginning to end。

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