The woman moved,Turning around and took out two bottles of mineral water from the freezer behind him,Put it on the counter,Said blankly:“Five yuan“Xia Jian discovered,This woman’s skirt is very short,So short that it only covers the ass,I wear nothing on my bare legs,A pair of flip flops hung on the feet。

Oh my goodness,This is too cool to wear!I don’t know if I can wear it like this,Maybe so,Will be much cooler。Fang Fang opens the bottle,In front of Xia Jian, he said:“Drink quickly!Hurry up after drinking,It’s not noon,Make people feel more uncomfortable“
A bottle of mineral water,Xia Jian drank it in one sip,Then he had two more bottles,By the way, this woman said:“To Jinfeng Industrial Park,How to get by car?”
“Go out and turn left,Just by the side of the road,sit310Listen to the train report station name,Get off,Or just hit Di,The driver will pull you to the place”Woman still expressionless,But the answer to the question is still very detailed。
Once out of the shop,Xia Jian took the lead,He doesn’t believe it,Where others can stay,I can’t do it myself,Is this more tiring than working on the construction site,Thinking of the hard days,He is not afraid of anything。
310The bus is very easy to find,There are so many people in the car,When Fang Fang got in the car,Was pulled down by Xia Jian,He took a breath and said:“Let’s play a disco!Don’t get heatstroke”Fang Fangyi listen,Eyes bright。
Rich and easy,This principle is the same everywhere,Whether north or south,Everyone listens to you with money,As soon as the car arrives at Jinfeng Industrial Park,Then stopped。
Enjoy the air conditioner for a while,It’s time to do something serious。A few characters of Jinfeng Industrial Park,Striking,On a sentry box at the door,Holding a big umbrella,But no one under the umbrella,Couple of young people in security uniforms,Sitting in the guard room blowing a fan。
Vehicles and pedestrians enter and exit from time to time at the door,Xia Jian observed for two or three minutes,Fang Fang whispered:“Let’s go in”
Xia Jian is still leading,Fang Fang followed him,When passing by the guard,Several security guards may be too hot,I didn’t even look at them,This makes Xia Jian very lucky,Otherwise, I will be entangled for a while。
Once entering the park,Xia Jian was dumbfounded,The factory inside,Just like the residents of the northern village,Family next to family,What Hongda Electronics,Everbright Rubber Factory,What other electroplating factory,Anyway, there are so many names。
Xia Jian was in a moment of interest,Forget the big sun above,Took a big step and kept going forward。Said this is an industrial park,It’s not fake at all,Walked for two hours,Xia Jian thinks,He didn’t finish here。
What makes him happy is,Everything in this industrial park,What commissary,Small restaurant,And barber shop。It seems that life services,All inside。
There was a voice,Employees in the factory,Came out like a flood,In the blink of an eye,Road in the industrial park,It’s all people at a glance,And depending on the factory,Work clothes worn,Also colorful。
The business of the small restaurant and commissary suddenly improved,Maybe everyone takes advantage of this off work time,Hurry up to do some private affairs。In front of the store where the phone is written,Everyone has a long queue。
Fang Fang couldn’t help shook his head,Speak softly to Xia Jian:“This is the fast life,Be fast in everything,Which employees do you see eating,Or just sit down and eat,Either eat and walk,Very different from their hometown”
Xia Jian didn’t say a word,Nodded in agreement。

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