“You are trying to ruin us?Did you make a mistake?!I really thought we two came from outside?Tell you the truth,We are the staff of the local tax bureau,Just came back from a business trip,Early to work,Just ran in and had breakfast,I didn’t expect you to be like what you said outside,Specifically here to fool outsiders,You can lose the face of our provincial people”Xia Jian said with a smile。

It sounds like it is true,This boss can’t figure it out for a while,The truth of these two people,Made him hard to ride。Xia Jian reached out and patted his shoulder and said:“Do business honestly,Otherwise, I will bring someone to your restaurant”
Xia Jian finished,Winked at Zhao Hong,Put the small box on the ground and walked out of the small noodle shop。
Zhao Hong caught up in two steps,She asked quietly:“Where is the local tax bureau in front?Your lie is too ridiculous。We have to go faster,Otherwise he will have a taste,Trouble with both of us again”
“Say something unfamiliar,Just let him think about it,I want to understand,Didn’t we go far!“Xia Jian smiled,Glanced behind。
Zhao Hong asked a little worried:“They will not catch up!“
Xia Jian did not speak,I reached out to stop the car,But it’s weird,None of the cars will stop。He glanced at the sign on the roadside,It suddenly dawned on me,It turns out that where they are standing,Can’t park at all。
There happens to be a small alley around,Xia Jian said nothing,Pulled Zhao Hong,He got in from the alley。Zhao Hong, who didn’t understand the reason, smiled and asked:“You are so strange,Put on the road,Why go to this small alley?“
“Didn’t you think it is difficult to take a taxi here?We just have to go through this small alley,Isn’t it easy to get a taxi on the road ahead?“Xia Jian said proudly。
His voice just fell,There was a sound of footsteps behind me,Then a low and low voice said:“Put the box in your hand on the ground,Don’t go back and go forward。We are robbery,If you want to see our face,Then leave the eyeballs“This sound sounds a bit scary。
Zhao Hong stopped,Ask Xia Jian softly:“How to do?“
“You put down the box,Go straight ahead,No looking back“Xia Jian said to Zhao Hong,He pricked his ears and listened,He found that the person should be a little away from him,Even if they have a knife in their hands,Not so fast,Unless you are using a gun。
What’s in this box,Saying nothing to these people,But for them,Important。Never lose the soil,Otherwise they would really come to travel。
“Don’t dare,Put down the box and go up,There is no one in this alley right now“Which voice came from behind。
Xia Jian slowly put the box in his hand on the ground,Then sprinted forward,Both feet are on the wall in the alley,Then came a Harrier turned over。
A dozen positives,Xia Jian saw it clearly,Standing not far behind him are the three people that the small noodle shop met。But these three people,Everyone is holding a bright dagger。
Bastard!Won’t let you turn around,You want to turn around,I don’t want to live anymore“Thin man scolded coldly,Wave of left hand,The three of them rushed towards Xia Jian。

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