How did she not think that her husband will suddenly be so powerful?,Yesterday night,She is full of brains, a scene with Ding Road.,Even the young youth of the company has already been thrown by her.。

She is a mature woman,It is also a kind woman,At the same time, it is also a more realistic person.。
For that little youth, she knows,The other party even if it is in one with her.。
If the Ding Road is good,How can she have something else??
Everything is fine now.,She doesn’t feel there is no need to give each other.。
“That’s fine.,But you can’t make it broken again.,I have some pains there.。”
Ding Road looks at Shi Xiao’s charming look,The heart is also,But he also knows that we must control,After all, Li took him with the wind last night.,Let him drink bad in the same room,But he didn’t have to resist it.。
“Hey-hey,Not anymore,Not anymore,I have to ask Li Shen doctor.,How long does it take to completely rehabilitate this?。”
You mean, you are still not good now.?”
Scholars have some incredible look at Ding Road,She already felt his husband’s combat power last night.,I thought I have already healed,But I didn’t expect to heal yet.,That if he is cured, think about thinking,Shi Xiao’s face is not a red。
“Hey-hey,No,Li Shen doctor says to stick to seven days of treatment,I’ll ask,You wait a moment。”
Ding Road said,石 巧 儿 不 注意,Directly kissed the ruddy lips again,The stone is not so soft.。
Li speaks in the morning,I saw a textbook again.,With the adverbial skills,He now feels that there will be no problem immediately.。
Just when he just prepared to go to school, he received a call from Ding Road.。
“Ding Da Ge,Do you call me this??
Will n’t n’t feel yet??”
“Neither,Li brothers,You really have a doctor,I am awkward.,I just want to ask, I have a house with my wife last night.,Nothing problem?”
Di Road is sorry to say that the same room is,But for your own disease,He said that he said without a reservation.。
Li Hui Feng is a bit surprised,Last night, Ding Road actually came three times.。
“Ding Da Ge,The problem is definitely.,Hurt,I can’t do so after the future.,Your illness is basically better according to what you said.,However, you will find me again every day to treat you.,I have to go to school first.。”
I haven’t seen it.,Ding Road is also happy。
I immediately hang up the phone and ran back.,Directly put the stone in the bed again。
Facing her husband’s crazy,Scholar is also trying to take care of。
After all, the two waited for it to wait for a long time.,And it is also a long drought to Scholk.,Although some pain,But it is comfortable to hurt.。
the other side,Li Dequan has been preparing to leave,Despite the high level of hospitals,But still stop the footsteps of Li Dequan。
Lin Zong Yun put the things that Li Hui’s wind is also handed over to Li Dequan.,After all, from which one is said that Li Dequan is better than him.。
For this matter,Li Dequan also agreed,However, he must first find Li Hui after stabilizing his work.,After all, Li took a deep lesson this time.。
As for Li Hui,Still following usa,Attend class,Lesson。
During the period, Sun Yaru is also inadvertently wants to chat with him.,But I saw the eyes of Lincheng to see Sun Yaru.,He still gives up,He doesn’t want Sun Yaru to be sad。
I don’t want Sun Yaru because he was humiliated by Lincheng.。
As for things that night,He is also all。
For Li Hui’s cold,Sun Yaru is some unfinished evil,No matter the body,Or charm,She feels that she will not lose to Qin Xue.,And she can send the door for free,I really don’t understand why Li Fan is three times to refuse myself.。
period,Sun Yarru found many opportunities,But I was blocked by Li Hui’s name.。
Lin Cheng also did not expect Li Hui to immune to Sun Yaru.。
Recent things to Li Hui Feng,He is also slightly heard,After all, let people go casually investigating, know what is going on.,Moreover, Lin Jia also belongs to the big family in Huashan City.,Although it is not possible,But the investigation is still very simple。

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