As for some similar actions,Then the benevolent seeing the benevolence.。

Traded news,The special forces on the year are poor,No money to buy wine,It is often sneaked out of the upper level.。
“Is the bomb installed??”McDonald slaves。
“All installed,Condake, remote, detonation。”
This desperate is finished,Flashing on the face:“This does not match our original plan,Said that I will open the ship to Thailand.,Now”
“You don’t understand things on tactics.,Listening to the arrangement。”
McDonali is not good,Desperate is coming,He has commanded as organizers。If you have money to earn,Everyone is willing to cooperate,If you have no money, you will be lost.,This group of people began to have opinions.。
“Do not,I mean,The cruise ship is accelerating toward the port island.。Large pair did not listen to orders,It should be exposed,I don’t know if the guy who disguised as a crew is still alive.,We are surrounded in casinos,Situation is very bad。”
“It’s ok,We have humanities,There is also a bomb,The other party does not dare to come。”
Corridor,Liao Jie holds BurrettaM92Fpistol,No slogan。
“Most poisonous woman,I said that I am an ordinary person.,I still let me do a bait,This hazard is written,I will not have your sweetness in the future.”
He is dissatisfied with him,Aiming on the wrist watch,When the pointer is gone at 8:30,Gather,Big step towards the stairs of the casino hall。
Da da da
With BurrettaM92FChaotian sound,Terrorists guarding the stairs,Trigger,A sprinkler bullets are sprinkled。
Liao Jie quickly moves along Zi,Left,Run or a turbulence,Performing tension in narrow corridors。
That’s it on TV,As long as he poses handsome,The shape is concave,Bullets can’t catch up。
See a bullet clip,Liao Jun did not,Continuous tactics,Terrorists seriously questioned their guns,The hand is busy and changing and greeting the companions come to help。
Detentional four-side stairs and hostage terrorists immediately assume people’s hand to support,Gunshots are still ringing again,Liao Jie is more like a pattern.。
at this time,The opposite stairs suddenly sounded,Wild, scorpion,Three shots solve the three back to her terrorist。
Hostage,冴 冴 hunt 獠 地 地,Touching the stagnant Kurt revolver from the crotch,Open four shots in one second,Four terrorists on the second floor to kill four terrorists。
The front of the wind is calm,After a second, four sides,The terrorists surprised are surrounded by a pot of porridge.,Everyone is a header。
“A group of waste,I don’t know if I have a gun. I don’t know.,I will never find you in the future.。”
McDonali broke,Tangled out a pistol,A Berretta93RReconstruction type charge pistol,I plan to get rid of the most arrogant 冴 冴 獠。
Just in the moment of his probe,A death crisis hits,Let him choose from the heart to continue。
The terrorists next to the side have no sense,Disdainful eyes, McDonal slave,When I have a soft egg,Holding an automatic rifle aiming at the host
After the gun,This terrorist is straight upright.,Walking very uneasy。
Madon slaves,Tap the bomb remote control from the other party,Roll all the way to the stairs,Run in the direction of the cinema。
Solve the last terrorist,冴 冴 獠 獠 掉 步 步 步 步,Slow Russei picked up bullets from the crotch,Complete the Leord revolver,A big branch is put into the crotch。
槙 village:“”
Although I have witnessed,But still feel unbelievable,So big,Where is the plug?。
“獠,Your gun method seems to be strong.。”

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