“What happen to you guys?”Lu Min suddenly appeared next to the two:“What are you talking about?……What to check?”

I only saw Xu Luohuo smiled.:“fine,Chat。”
Lu Min looked at the hand on the shoulder of Mu Ye.,Eyes a hint of different。
And Wan Ye is busy and retracted,Other is too excited.,There is some somewhat not to grasp the size。
“Just deer my sister said that I have a superior medical skill.,I argued with her.。”He casually found a reason to smother。
Lu Min does not ask more,Double eyes are still gentle:“Um,The room packed up,Teacher, you go to rest.。”
“it is good……Thank you teacher。”Zhou Ye went to the room。
that’s it,Zhou Ye had a rest in Lu Min’s house for a night.,Sleep overnight,When I woke up the next day, Lu Min had already made great break in the hall waiting for him.,And Shu is still sleeping。
“morning。”Lu Min saw Zhou Yewu walked from the bedroom,Laughing greetings。
Zhou Ye also laughed:“Early,Lu Jie,How is your rest of my deer??”
Lu Min expresses Zhou Ye to eat breakfast。
Zhou Ye wiped his hand,Can’t wait。
“The cousin is very sinking,Playing a night。”After that,Lu Min people don’t know the direction of the room,Then laughed out。
When she laughed,Zhou Ye I saw some shocking,I can’t talk。
“what happened?”
“Still the first time
NS494chapter Acute poisoning
Zhou Niwu’s eyes become slow,He is a hurry to pick up the phone,Regardless of whether it is now going to be late.,He directly dialed the phone of Weekvel。
10Second after a second……
The mobile phone only came up with a crisp sound.:“The user you made is temporarily unable to connect.。”
“The phone is no one.,I also tried it.,Untoneless。”Shu De Road。
Zhou Ye:“Where will it be going??”
“Xiao Wu,Don’t say it is you.,I am also very worried about the situation of the antecete.,Can be placed in front of you,We have no way to contact her.。”
“What happens to happen??”
“Be unlikely,If there is a normal danger,Her house will not be listed for sale.。”
“Deer sister,I remember that you have disappeared after her physical examination.,Is it a little abnormal behavior after the medical examination?”
“You said this,It seems really like this。”
Zhou Ye, I pressed the shoulder of Shu Lu.,Getting her eyes:“What abnormal move she has??”
Zhou Ye is more excited,Xu Deer was scared,She swallowed and recalls:“It is often in the office.,And when I look at the room, I am not here.,Behind I look for her to play,I can’t find a movie。”
“Can you find a way to find the medical examination of Week ante??”
“You suspect……”
“Um,I have seven in my heart.,Deer sister, you must find it right.。”
“This is not difficult,I went back to the logo of the medical examination center on the afternoon.。”

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