“I said you kid would do it or not?That’s it?You have to make up a few more words for me,If you don’t want to do it,Don’t promise me yesterday。”Zhou Nan is in a hurry again。
“to be frank,I really don’t want to do it,It’s because of the Zhou team’s whole-hearted dedication to the people,I reluctantly。I just promised to try it yesterday,Tried now,Useless。”Li Tianchou doesn’t eat Zhou Nan’s set at all,One pass for nothing, let Zhou Nan Qiqiao make smoke。
Li Tianchou’s sudden play is the purpose,The power of the news media is amazing,The ghost knows if his photo will be recognized?If Xiao Yadong reacts,Then the speed will be very very fast,Whether he comes in person or asks Fukuyama police for assistance,Will there be some rumors about Zhou Nan here??
Not very lucky,Never met Liu Qiang,We can only use Zhou Nan to test。Anyway, after being addicted to your mouth, you won’t lose a bit of scolding,The biggest advantage of this method is that the cost is negligible,And it’s not easy to detect。But he didn’t expect that the blind cat would actually run into a dead mouse。
“Ha ha,Don’t you come to this set。”Zhou Nan is angry,“Now you don’t have to do it,Can’t help you。”
“Team Zhou is threatening again,I said I hate threats。”Li Tianchou gave a cold snort,Don’t bird him。
“Not a threat。”Zhou Nan shook his head,“You used to beSZWhat have you done,I didn’t want to care,But no way,Good deed of you,Too famous,An old acquaintance is looking for you,I can’t stop it。”He raised the newspaper in Yang’s hand。
Li Tianchou immediately understood the overtones in Zhou Nan dialect,Old Xiao really saw it,And act as fast as he imagined,If not unexpected,Zhou Nan has received a notice of assistance here。
“how about it?Comrade Li Tianchou,You on200×Year January12Japan was detained by the Interpol Team of the City Bureau to assist in the investigation due to suspected excessive defense,Current month15On bail pending trial,The term is one year。You are still within this deadline。Is it weird now,Why hasn’t Team Xiao come to the door personally??”Zhou Nan’s tone is stiff,But there was a hint of pride in his expression。
“Not surprisingly,Team Xiao,No matter the Zhou team,Aren’t they all the same?”Li Tianchou didn’t expect that he would actually hit the gun.,At this moment, he already has the intention to run away at any time。
“Don’t think about running away,Because you are not involved,not worth it。”Zhou Nan’s tone suddenly eased a lot,Although he is impatient,Angry,But also personal,Working in criminal investigation for so many years,I’ve got a golden eye,From the change of Li Tianchou’s expression,Zhou Nan immediately judged what he thought。
Li Tianchou laughed but didn’t answer,You say that it’s not a big deal?When you are old Xiao, you eat dry rice?He secretly thought about how to get out,Two people outside,Plus one and a half disabled in the house,I have great confidence in retreating myself,Even if the opponent has a gun?The only thing to consider is not to hurt the innocent,Just run away。
“Team Xiao and I were on the phone,He admires you,Even have high expectations of you。There is a reason why you were involved in the gang fight in the eastern suburbs in April.。He knows very well,You are not the detection direction,I just hope you make things clear。So I said the problem is not big,You must calm down。”Zhou Nan keenly noticed that Li Tianchou was about to move,Violent at any time。
Although the contact time is not long,Zhou Nan knows Li Tianchou’s character very well,Eat soft but not hard,And given the current situation,If Li Tianchou makes a move,No one can stop here。So he tried to calm down,Even to relieve him,These are not lies、Routine,Although forced by form,But it’s also Zhou Nan’s heartfelt words。

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