Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake

Chapter 537 I am here to help.
“Chu Hexia,You are going to the palace.?”Guardian,After seeing the Chu Deend,Respectful。
“Nothing to see the emperor,I will go in and see the county,No need to report。”Chu Deiren said。
I always feel that I need to notify it.!
“This……Chu Dafa is not known,Yunli County is now in the Cixin Palace.。”The banned army grinned。
This difference is very large,Yunli County is the adult,Palace although in Huangcheng,But not within the hometown,However, Ci Ning Palace is in the hordic palace——Chu Deirers’ Crown Communication,Obviously I can’t enter the hometown。
Chu Deirers thought about it.,Near two steps,Whispered:“Nothing,I am quietly。”
Anyway, it is not the first time.。
“Take you at the end.!”This guard is also no way.,I have only to say it.,While giving a gaming next to each other。
After all, the Chu Deirers are the court of the court.“Brave,Ridge spine”,There is also the emperor’s traffic.,He is a small city gate guard can’t be guilty.,And it’s even more playing.,Just worry about him after going in,I have to have a bow,so……
He slowly took a Chu Deiren into the palace.,Go to half,Before he hitting the colleague,I have already brought Sun Gonggong.!
Sun Gonggong is obviously that the Queen,Let the escort to the road back,I will take the Chu Deirers to the Cixin Palace.。
I have saved my own thing because Chu Deirers,Also impressed with him——Originally“Impression is excellent”,Just listening to Yunli filed Chu Deirers and her in the east,When it is tied“plan”,Dropped“Impression”。
“Jianghu Road,See you!”Chu Deirers said to see,Also just。
“Chu Shao is an example.,Otherwise, the family is the ear.,Really not clear。”Mother and love。
“Maternal!You are still fun,Do people are not well in the Cixin Palace recently??”Yun Rome spoiled。
“good,That is, it is usually not allowed to leave the ear.,What did Chu Shark did recently?,Even my sorrow is back.,I haven’t done anything bad.。”I said that I said my head.。
“All right,After you, your young people are talking,But don’t forget before the palace gate,Send Chu Yao。”I didn’t forget to remind a sentence.。
“kindness!Female rest,After a while, Yun Luo took the fresh things on the rivers and lakes.,Also tell the mother!”Yun Luo said,Lauga deer leaves。
Original Chu Deirers are ready,Listen again“Yunluang Huang Rong is in trouble”Deed,However, Yunlo is obviously and Huang Rong is not a type.,After pulling the Chu Deiren to the small pavilion,It’s going to say that the Chu Deirers will tell this time.!
“Nan Mu Dong’s martial arts,How high is it??It is said that he is in the world martial arts.,Is it real?”
“Who is so bad?,Make Emeizu Master Muslings into a false collection?”
“After Zhang Zhen people,It seems that there is a strange thing all over the world.……”
“What happened to the treasure chess game?I heard that many people lost the front hoof.,The Wudang Song Qingshu,It is said that the legs have been interrupted by him.!”
“Are you dead??I heard that he does not enter his knife.?What is afraid of itch??”
“that……Yue does not live on the spot……That one?”
“Water girl is not particularly beautiful?Blood knife old ancestors,You didn’t let him die too cheap.?”
Yunlo is clearly known,What did the Chu Dee have done recently?,But one hand and the rivers and lakes rumors,Still there is essential difference,Yun Luo is excited to ask Chu Deirers——Don’t care about Chu Deirers,After all, he is good at sitting here.,Yunluo has no extra sorrowful wind,Mainly so lively、Gossip……
Chu Deirers also met her one breath,Always arrived,Tired dry dry tongue。
And successfully missed the time of the palace gate!
“Oops,The palace gate has been closed.,Would you like you??”Yun Luo recommended。
Didn’t wait for the Chu Dee,One side of Yunli’s personal palace female snorkes have stopped:“Can’t do it.,You forgot the county?Recently, there are many big master in the palace.,Turning out will definitely be discovered!”
Even if the Chu Deirers will not be caught,But……Slightly check into the palace record,I will also know who this big night is overwhelming. Who is it?!
Chu Deirers heard a sentence.:“Is because of the Queen Life?”
“Not at all,A few days ago, a master quietly entered the palace.,Touching the Royal Garden,So the emperor makes the emperor and……Cao Gonggong,Strengthen the guard。”Yun Luo explained a sentence。

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