“Zhou Shu,Don’t like this,I will expand。”

“hehe,Neither,You have expanded capital,Come over and see it.,These are sick peach trees,These are apples,There are also these”Zhou Shengjie led three people introduced,It is also heartache aside。
After all, these fruits are a seedlings for three or five years.,I have already begun to sit.,The result suddenly gave birth to this disease.。
“Zhou Shu,This should be a gamma,Those white should be”
Chapter 33
With the continuous introduction of Sun Yutire,Zhou Shengjie can be a surprise。
He didn’t think of the college students who came back from their daughter in such a thing.。
“Haha grandson,Uncle will not be polite with you.,You all know these pathogens,Then can you tell the uncle? Is there any way these pathogenesis??”
Sun Bingren heard Zhou Shengjie’s title,I am more confident in my heart.,This is thoroughly recognized his rhythm.。
“Zhou Shu,I will definitely help,But now there is no test instrument,Of course, I can contact the mentor in the school later.,Directly buy such a pesticide except bacteria,How about it?”
I heard Sun Bingren said that it can be cured.,Zhou Shengjie no longer hiding the heart.。
“Good,It seems that my daughter is still a favorite bead.,It turns out that so much bacteria leads to this happening.,I also said that there were so many drugs that except the bacteria.。”
“hehe,Zhou Shu,I may not be very in the management of this fruit.,But the change is not from its Zong,Be returned,Whether it is fruit or animal husbandry, it is necessary to study more,Observe,As long as the observation is sure to know the condition of the condition。”
Sun Bingren got the affirmation of Zhou Shengjie,I can’t help but start boiling.。
And also use the big truth on those books,When his book is a book。
But Zhou Shengjie is eating this set.,And it feels that Sun Yin said is too good.。
And Li Hui has not spoke from beginning to end.,Although it is also very good for Li Hui’s wind.,But I think that my daughter and my daughter are disgusted.,His hearts take a role in a day, it is slowly inclined.。
“Correct,Little grandchildren are too right.,Just don’t know how much it can be guaranteed after the fruit is medicated.?”
“Forehead,Zhou Shu,This still knows after using the medicine.,I also guaranteed this.,After all, I am going to school all day.,Observing the time of the fruit is really limited。”
Seeing Sun Bingren so modesty,Zhou Shengjie is even more satisfaction。
“Good,Then I will not urge you.,Xiao Li.,Now I have saved these seedlings.,you can take a look,Want to do it,Tell me directly, just。”
Li Hui said this,Laughing and nodded:“I check it.,Prepare a thousand pear trees,Three thousand apple trees are three thousand peach trees。”
Say this,Li Hui Feng put his hand in a nearby, obviously sick peach tree.。
Put on the moment,He stunned,He just wants to see how much vitality is there.,But this time is suddenly present in his mind, this peach tree inside。
He actually saw a lot of bugs in the trunk of the peach tree.,In particular, the root is simply a bug kingdom.,And these bugs are small,Small to a human feeling。
I immediately moved my work.,Then along the trees of the trees toward the worm,Direct absorption of each other’s vitality。
Just gently,The insects of this peach tree is in order to fly ash,However, Li Hui’s clear feels clearly feels that it has grown a drop of green energy in his Dantian.。
“Xiao Li,Since you choose,Then I will directly let people load your car.,But the price I may not give it a low again.。”
Zhou Shengjie let Li speak in the wind,Turn it back。
“hehe,Zhou boss,You can now guarantee that these trees have survived?
to be honest,You are afraid that these fruits are not a fungi.。”
Sun Bingren did not expect that Li Hui Feng actually dared to stand up and questioned him.。
I heard that Zhou Shu gave you the price, I started picking up the fat.?”
For Sun Yutire,Li Hui Range will do not want to take care of each other。

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