Liu Dafu is also said that,He did not count。

Even my decent team is there.。
How can I know how much money occupies?,Only know that it can give money,He can do things enough。
“According to Liu Shu’s intend,Two million are not more?
Ten thousand production lines,Tens of thousands of sites construction small workshops,Then the raw materials are tens of thousands of pieces,Vegetable tens of thousands of pieces,Tens of thousands of people in the first few months ago before the salary。”
“So much,Two million, I will have a package.,You just have a share of 60%.,Liu Shu is not very good.?”
“Still really treat me as a silly boy who doesn’t understand it.?”
Li Hui said very calm,But it is the same as the thunder in the ear of Liu Dafu.。
I don’t know what to say when he is scared.。
“Xiao Li,Don’t think more,I am actually nothing.,But this thing I really feel feasible.,And I really do it as my own business.。”
“Liu Shu,You don’t have to say this.,one million,I want 40% of the shares.,Willing I will sign your contract with you.,Don’t want, you will find a way yourself.,Of course, if I know those small workshops, they also sell our factory.,Then don’t blame me.。”
Li Huifang originally wants to help Liu Dafu,But Liu Dafu directly reveals this greedy look.,Let him not want to help the mood。
“Row,One million will be one million,I promise。”
On the afternoon,Li Hui said with Liu Dafu.。
Then Liu Dafu took directly to the factory found the grandchille.。
“Gun,Prepare it.,In the past few days, let’s do it.,Li Boss invests by one million,Several people, I feel that I can get together.,When you come, you will do it.。”
Sun cannon looked at Liu Dafu’s excited look.,It is also a bit surprised.。
How did he not think that Liu Dafu can pull to Li Hui’s investment?。
After all, this is the factory of Li.,However, since Li Hui’s investment can also explain that Liu Dafu is powerful.。
This time he didn’t hesitate.。
Laughing directly:“Row,Then I will resign tomorrow.,You go to the county city to discuss with them.,I will go to county tomorrow.。”
I heard the Sun Cannon gave a message.。
Liu Dafu is also relaxing.。
“Can,If you can pull Liu Weixiang followed me together,I feel that we can take off directly.,That child is smarter,Many things do he know,If you can pull him, I will ask you to drink a week.,By the way, there are programs at night,How about it?”
One heard this,Sun cannon eyes are also bright.。
“What about him??
Do you also ask him??
I heard that he hasn’t been there for a long time.,Should be broken。”
“Please,Please,Join together,As long as we do three can be as before,Don’t worry。”
He was said by Liu Dafu,Sun cannon is also feeling of emotions.。
“Row,Then I will find him tonight.,Give you tomorrow。”
“it is good,Then I will go to the county.。”
Liu Dafu arrived in the county,I used the few people directly.。
Liu Dafu is also open to see the mountain.,Not hidden。

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