“Small memory,Grandma has not eaten for a long time.?Today is greedy,Tomorrow only vegetables。”Gu’s milk, I got it.。

Su Seiming looked at Lu Haozheng,Grateful,“Ah Cheng,A thousand words,I can’t express my gratitude.,I can only say,Your life,I have remembered my heart.,after,We Su Jiazheng Lu family for a lifetime。”
Lu Haocheng looked at him,Take a shot of his shoulder,Don’t cost it on a lifetime.。
“As long as you can speak like this now,No matter how much I spent, it is worth it.,Our brothers,Nothing, thank you?”
“Ah Cheng,Thank you still,these years,Although I will help you work,But at the same time also helped us Sujia,I can’t live without you.。”
Su Seiming bowed,Looking at the daughter in arms,I also read the security of the side.,“No help,I will never see the mother and daughter.,I am very happy now.,It’s also contentment.。”
“I will come back to work again for a month.。”
“Not urgent,You are lying for so long.http://www.yiding2008.cn,Take a break, come back to work.。”Although the work on the real estate is very important,But his body is more important。
“Bamboo,I just hurt my head.,A good thing,There are daughters and wife now,Everyday spirit,Is it?,cocoa。”
He is not essential,But you can know。
An Ke glanced at him,Shy。
Everyone talks while eating,Atmosphere is very warm。
After eating this,Su Sei Ming also plans to see his friends and family in the hospital to eat in the hotel.。
There are still two days to be the wedding of Lin Biao.,Su Sei Ming will set it after half a month.,At that time, You can go out to walk more.。
After all, I haven’t been out of the month.,He is also reluctant to be blown by the cold wind to,Wife is your own,Only when you feel more。
When I turned into my eyes, I went to Lin Yu Tian and Han Jingjing’s http://www.cfchateau.cn days.。
The weather is very good,Jiangyou Hotel,Pink balloon,Rose rosewall, one side,Still inserting balloons,Located on the ground,Very festive,Not a lot。
Lin Biao, a high-grade custom black handmade suit,Today, he looks,Maybe a smile is more,People are also a bit,His wearing a big flower shirt than usual,Jun is several times。
He has been smiling and welcoming guests,Lin Ye as a companion,I also laughed very open,I sent it in a photo of a guest.。
Lin Ye has a little sour mouth.。
The heart is dark in this companionship.。
Looking at Lin Yu Tian has been laughing,He can’t help but ask:“Is it so happy??Laugh for an afternoon,Don’t you sore??I have a sour.,There must be two gods today.。”
Lin Wei smiled and took his shoulder,“brother,Catching a wife who is faster for five years.,Do you think I am easy??”
http://www.qdwqy.cn Lin Ye quickly shook his head:“Quite is not easy,Buddy,I admire your courage,Advise your patience。I just want to ask you.,If you can’t catch up with five years later,what should you do?”
“Bamboo,What can I do??Continue to chase,As long as she doesn’t have anyone in her heart,One hundred percent。”
Lin Ye:“……”He thought about it.,I don’t know if there is anything else in the heart of Li Weiyun.。
hiss……Be wrong,He suddenly thought of a very serious problem。He looked at Lin Biao:“I have been chasing it for five years.,Do old men still have people??I am very difficult, it is so difficult.,What shortcut is there?,Helper buddies!”
NS1835chapter Romantic wedding, I have to be a wedding
Lin Wei smiled and took his shoulder,Looking at him, distressed ,to be honest,Their generation,It is really difficult to marry a wife.。
He fully understands Lin Ye’s mood。
“brother,I actually feel that you are quite difficult.。”
Lin Ye:“What’s the meaning?

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