Summer is not surprising, Luo Shuo said his own identity。

He also knows,In front of him,It is the second dollar.,Is famous。
Just like the Holy King of Tiantian,Yuantian is his own,Yuan deficiency is his second Yuan God。
Interrogate,Summer,“knowledge,After thousands of years,Disciples are fortunate to see two。”
“Since you have this talent,Why not practice in the relief,To go outside?”
The language of Luohai Road has become a strict。
But this is strict,It is an attitude towards the elders。
“The disciple can’t find a breakthrough in the relief,So outline……”
Summer is naturally impossible to say this is to see the forty-nine peaks,Can only be good for lie。
Just he didn’t expect,Own words,Say the heart of Luo Water Road。
“Well……Too,Wonderland is good,No pressure……”
Luo Water Road mainly nodded,Spiral,“You are very good。”
Dialogue between two people,The people outside can’t hear。
Even if you are the same as the nearest Holy King of the front.。
However, all of them is not a blind,It will be able to see it.,The Qing dynasty said a lot of words with the summer。
These guards have swayed in their hearts.。
Which one is it not a savvy?,How can it be speculated?,Summer with this strongest female holy king,Creating a deep origin。
The more haze in the Eight-pole Holy King’s eyes,Rurved with light。
At this time,Luo Water Road is once again,Like the previous scene,A group of seven lots of light will be shrouded in the summer。
The endless rune is like being infused.,It seems that it is generally swim half-air,In the end, I didn’t enter the summer eyebrow.。
at the same time,This area is in the sky,Eight parties are integrated,It’s like time and space.,Changing,It is also mighty, and it is too much to enter the summer.。
Everyone is stunned to look at this scene。
The haze in the Eight-pole Holy King has disappeared,But it has emerged a strong taboo color.。
As long as it is not a blind man, you can see it.,Inheritance at this time in summer,More than the two of him and Xue Dongwei have to be a large number of times。
not only that,Foot, two hours,Inheritance has not ended。
This makes the eight pointed holy king,But make the thousand feathers in the crowd bright。
She naturally can see it,Summer gets the secret surgery,Fast more Mysterious。
Regardless of the heaven and earth or inheritance time,All explain this。
After another hour,Luo Water Road main talents。
Inheritance end。
“Thank you for your holy prince。”

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