Only gas field,Powerful gas field radiation!

They are not slow,The sound from the high heel shoes is like an invisible pressure.,The air surrounded suddenly。
Li Yanwen’s face doesn’t know when it changed.。
Not only her。
There is also the staff of the surrounding administration,And the face of the brothers。
Because many people know,Li Yanwen’s reliance is another member of the board of directors.,Also as the company’s high level……She is not very good at the beginning of her life.。
Rely on the background,And means for doing things drip,There are not less in the dark, and they。
Now two people appear,Let Li Yanwen have an extremely unique feeling,The heart also begins to be dramatically beat.。
now,The two have already walked to the field。
Qinling exquisite pretty face,Looking at the security guards lying on the ground,Sudata,Late to look at summer。
Whisper,“what happened。”
Not waiting for summer,Li Yanwen first opened the first,Urgent,“Liu Dong,Qin total,Is such that……”
Her voice was interrupted in the third time。
I saw Liu Qingqing.,A pair of Feng Yan stares Li Yanwen,Faint,“I just asked him what happened.,Just give him a chance to talk.,In fact,I know what happened here.,Although the Executive Department closes the monitoring here,but……More than the administration。”
NS027chapter means
Not only the administrative department has monitoring!
When Liu Qingqing said this sentence,The hall is again lost again。
Whether it is the security guard,Still Luo Yiming and Li Jie,And those staff members of the Executive,All,Can’t cover the fear of the face。
Especially Li Yanwen,Feeling your eyes, dizziness,The whole heart is also sinking。
She tries to make myself look calm,Surprised after the post,“Liu Dong……you……I,I do not understand what you were saying……”
“It’s ok,You will soon understand。”
This moment of Liu Qingqing is extremely strong。
Her sound quality is beautiful。
But cold terrible。
“I want to tell you a fact,Baihua Group is a grandfather found,It will always surname Liu,Not surname Li,Not surnamed!”
The relying on the mountain director behind Li Yanwen,Zhang Wenshan。
After the end,I saw Liu Qingqing made a eye.。
Da da da。
Sound sound is clear。
Female staff wearing professional suit,Slow down,Walk from Li Yanwen to Liu Qing’s finish。
See her,More than the staff of the executive department,Li Yanwen himself,I also have grown up my eyes.,The look is full of rich and unbelievable。
More is a fear and happiness that you can’t cover up.。
Her name is Zhao Lili,It is the assistant of Li Yanwen。
She is different from the secretary of the king.,It is the assistant,Have certain power,Not only can you share managers?,And when necessary,Ability to replace manager exercise。
certainly,These are not the most important。

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