Zhou Ye thought,Then tell your own guess:“Patient two timesHIVScreen,until1Screening in the month,It may be to say hereHIVof“window period”NS,that isHIVInfecting the human body to the serum of infectionHIVAntibody、An antigen or nucleic acid infection marker can be detected before。”

“Generally given1Window period1421sky,2019The latest countryHIVDiagnostic Standard Guide,Existing diagnostic technology detectionHIVAntibody、antigen、The nucleic acid time is3week、2week、1Circumference,According to the current test,6Zhou Basic Excluded,3Almost completely excluded for a month,So Chen Ning said that he is1The high-risk behavior of the online high-risk behavior is doubtful。”
Zhou Ye explained,If this is explained,Indeed, why can you start twice?HIVScreen is negative。
But can not explain why Linping Hospital is the latestHIVCheck is also negative
big head
“Xiao Wu,In fact, you are almost the same.,We may be the laboratory error here.。”Chen Riyuan went back to God and suddenly opened the mouth。
His benevolent and warm voice is like a spring breeze into the air,After listening to it, I feel refused.。
Yes,Everyone in the department likes to listen to Chen Riyuan。
Because it is really a gentle
NS265chapter how so……
Zhou Ye watched Chen Near this face……
Really somewhat speechless。
Do not check,How can I diagnose more??
I can’t always be switched so.,The life of symptomatic support is only symptomatic support,Bid not cure,I don’t know what the cause is.,How can I completely cure?!
“Don’t you consider??Be anesthetized,Will not hurt。”Zhou Ye I tried to communicate with Chen near。
He really http://www.yx-sc.cn wants to be a lymph node puncture and bone wear,Understand the current situation of Chen Near。
Chen Ni is still a nailing to refuse。
His face is awkward,It looks quite depressed。
In fact, he really has depression.,Zhou Yewu and Chen Riyuan have finally touched the past history of the region.,Find2Patients were diagnosed by the provincial spiritual hospital before the month ago“Mild depression”,And give drug treatment。
And in the history of past disease,Zhou Ye also discovered other information……
After depression,Patients during the treatment of psychosis and fatty antidepressants,Because there is a negative suicide tendency,So sent by the parents into the hospital hospitalization。
The symptoms of fever during hospitalization also appear again,Highest380℃,At the timehivFirst screen has http://www.baiyunpj.cn a reaction!
Then, the test was not diagnosed at the time of the three confirmed tests of the city disease control center.。
“Manicure said that the window period should be there?,What is the most beginning, it can’t be measured.hivWoolen cloth。”Zhou Ye is also very wonderful。
Anyway, the hospital on the time is also immediately measured.hiv-1Virus load,perhaps364073l,diagnosed as:Get sex immunodeficiency syndrome、Lung fungal infection?、Acute liver injury。
The hospital will give prednisone immediately、Compound sulfamer oxazole plate、Left oxygen、Pipellantin Sodium Tazazinate、Blood、Braithromycinb、Drum treatment such as Ao考ne。
But I didn’t expect to go home and have the highest hair.390℃,Contribute、Fluster、Breathe,Chicken、Chill,Belly,Discharge back home,Still repetitive,So there is the reason for this http://www.kaiboss.cn hospitalization。
The key is this hospitalization,newgThe screening of the virus is also positive.!
“The patient is really can’t believe.。”Zhou Ye wondered,He has some distance from Chen near。
Chen Riyuan and Zhou Ye have eyes,Both people said helplessness。
A few days ago to sendhiv,So specialize in and ask him if there is no unclean style of life habits!
College students,I want to know that Chen Ni can be a key university college student.,He said that he did not,Then add a face simple day.,The doctor in the general department really believes in his ghost.!
BecausehivThe screening is not known from what is even negative.,So everyone is not moving towardshivConsider。
AIDS this is also true,And patients are college students,Very embarrassing,Now, I will recall why I am in the beginning of the hospital.,I finally understood it.。
“For the five and blood transfusion of the infection before him, it is negative.。”Yu Shi Ya is squatting。

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