“But Ray alone,But I can’t suppress it,After all, she is also a member of the http://www.zzplot.cn Cape family,Instead of being restricted!Unless she calls her son-in-law,Become Viscount Cap,But she is not interested in knighthood,I hope my nephew will be in charge!”

“I am here,Ten years later,Little Dia has no problem inheriting the title,But if you leave。。。”
Wright thought about it,An idea suddenly popped up“Dad,I have an idea,I can accept Dia as a disciple,Then take him to the imperial capital!Come back in ten or twenty years,This kid is probably also a seventh-level fighter,Uncle Lei,Ok,Aunt Lei will take care of it now,On my behalf,I don’t believe those people dare to say anything weird!”
indeed,As Wright,I want to help my disciple become the lord of a small town,Besides, this disciple is still the parent of the previous lord,It’s almost a breeze。
For Ray,The other direct guys of the Cape family are very difficult,But for Wright,It really can be pinched to death!
And for Wright,If you accept Dia as a disciple, you can pay back the old Dia·Viscount Cap gave some gold coins to help students.;Second come,Wright also wants to try to pass on his previous boxing skills in this world。
This idea is really good,The key is that Wright’s influence and deterrence are too great,The day before, people from other branches of the Cape family were scrambling to leave Old Dia behind.·Viscount Cap’s relationship,Show loyalty to Blue Castle,The Blue Fort collapsed in half the next day,The newly appointed Earl of Horace was deprived of his title,Go to jail and wait for execution。These people are basically afraid to offend Wright。
As for ten http://www.0755kobelco.cn and twenty years later,Even Thunder。。Auntie can’t suppress these people,Wright’s deterrence was also forgotten by them,But Little Dia·It is estimated that Kep can also use his fist alone to smash the identity of a Viscount Kep.。
the next day,Andy told his wife Nicole and daughter Tina about the moving plan,Nicole agrees very much,Although Tina is reluctant to let her sister and some friends,But still agreed。
of course,Throughout the moving plan,Andy’s family isn’t the only one going to the imperial capital together,Andy ran again,Tell this plan to Ray and Little Dia’s mother。
I heard that Little Dia could become Wright’s disciple,Her mother is very happy!And Lei heard that he might be the acting lord for ten years,Quite dissatisfied,She doesn’t like that kind of lord’s life。But think about it, in fact, I only need to name and http://www.wfshicheng.cn suppress,You just need to keep it as it is.,She reluctantly agreed。After all, she is not interested in making the Cape family grow,It’s different from the old Viscount who thinks about how to increase the strength of the territory every day.,Even if the lieutenant lord,Actually, it is the day when salted fish occasionally chops people every day,Looks no different from before。
Wright,Equally busy。First he ran to Lanfeng City,Find the bear mercenary group again,Final payment。
Although in the end, the bear mercenary group was not used at all,But the members of the other mercenary group spent a day and night in the suburbs.,There is hard work without hard work,What’s more, the leader of the giant bear mercenary group is his seventh brother,Be my own,Can’t treat。

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