“In no mood。”

Ou Jingzhen is indifferent to spit two words,Match an elegant pace。
Ou Jingqi enters the elevator,Look at the right game standing,Ruthlessly pressed the door button,Elevator door,I went straight to the first floor.。
Right of the journey outside the door:“”“Controversy,Walk together。”
Qing Dynasty is also preparing to get off work。
“Qing Dynasty,Want to eat hot pot??http://www.egxrm.cn
He doesn’t believe it,I can’t find someone to eat hot pot tonight tonight.。
“Oh,not going,Tomorrow evening,I have something to do this evening.,Blind。”
Xiao Xiao Xiao。
Jiefin:“What era is also blind??”
Qing Dynasty looked at him laughing:“No matter what era,Everything is existed。
My friend introduced it to a nice object.,I went to see。”
Jiefin:“”Some heart is not a taste。
Disappeared2!“Ok,Let’s go first.。”
The Journey is laughing:“Don’t delay your time。”
“it is good!”
Qing Xiao laughed,Entered the elevator。
Joe Yiyi looked at everything,“Jiefin,How do I take you to eat hot pot??”
Looking at her:“not so good,I don’t want to eat with you.。”
Joe Miss:“”Why don’t you want to eat with her??
“Jiefin,Don’t give your face?。”
Joe is angry。
The Journey is very unhappy to watch her.,“Who wants you to give your face?。”
immediately,Looking at the elevator,Gas into the elevator,Quickly turn the door。
Joe Yiyi:“”Sure enough, it’s a poor silk.,See a short。
Joe Yiyi is angry。
“You are more exclusions.。”
Qiao Yi sounded a cold sound。
“Humph!A poor silk,What is he discarded?,Unbearable force。”
Joe Yiyi heard the voice of Blue Xin,The words are out,Turned to see Lu Haozheng,Her face http://www.51qhw.cnis pale。
Although she understands Lu Haocheng is not so terrible,But seeing his moments,She is still some fear of low head。
“I,I go first。”
Joe Yiyi is almost escaping into the elevator。
Blue Xin clean bright scorpion,Deadness does not change。
NS1643chapter:That is really impossible.
Lu Haocheng looked at her,Slightly bending,“Blue,When do you plan to send her into prison??”

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