Perhaps it is a self-confidence with the mad battle.,Proud,Shaping,A remembering a hand。

Hand knife is wrapped in terrorist power,Shufeng,Take a thorn sound,Mountain points to break into summer neck。
His face is proud and confident,子 中 冷 冷 冷 冷 冷 冷 冷。
So on,But when you go, don’t leave.,Will not have a big meaning。
The flash of hand drawn,Chuankou is too shaped,A perception of extremely dangerous。
Almost simultaneously,Summity suddenly shot a horrible breath。
His air is like starting distortion,The dust is rolled with the dead leaves.。
He moved。
No extra action。
A punch!
First1655Chapter Life and death
First1655Chapter Life and death
A punch!
Very casual punch。
Ground in tremor, Suddenly tearing sharp scream in the air。
Summer seems to be steel casting monster。
This fist is distinguished.,Let people see clearly。
But the Sichuankou is too big.。
He feels like a giant mountain traversed,Avoid illusion,Hurry with both hands crossed。
Chuankou is too painful,The whole person is like a sandbag.。
This is just a start。
A punch,Summer is followed,Taking a strange speed to Tankou too。
Next second。
His fist is like a blast of the wind.,The head is facing the face。
No moving。
No way number。
I can’t say http://www.zbxfgc.cnarrogant and arrogant,Random。
Be too fast。

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