“Stronger than you think!Don’t look at the hundreds of millions of people who cultivate in our prehistoric continent,There is nothing in the world that can achieve innate realm!”

Lin Tianfu said solemnly:“I have also met a master of innate level before,The power that can be photographed……”“how is it?”
Chen Xiu also became interested。
Lin Tianfu seems to evoke terrible memories。
Shook his head and said:“Unspeakable!I know you used to be a master who defeated the half-step Xiantian realm。
But I can http://www.victoriafashion.cn only tell you,Comparing the half-step congenital master with the real congenital master,It’s the difference between cloud and mud!”
Chen Xiu still wants to ask,Lin Tianfu is unwilling to mention the experience of fighting against a master of the innate realm,Chen Xiu can’t force it。
……I have experienced Zhou Fang leading people to capture the fairy grass,It also reminded Lin Tianfu。
That night,After the dart team camped in the field,Lin Tianfu took out the eighteen celestial lacquer grass and cold ice mysterious iron to share with Chen Xiu.。
Chen Xiu still has hundreds of bottles of the best Qi Gathering Pill,The eighteen lavender plants are naturally not in sight,Yes no。
Lin Tianfu http://www.nanshahd.cn is not a greedy person,Resolutely give,Chen Xiu is determined not to accept,The two are at odds,In the end, Lin Tianfu gave the entire Frost Ice Profound Sky Department http://www.networkmarket.cn to Chen Xiu。
“Brother Chen,You are the one who contributes the most on Funiu Mountain,You should have taken the most of these two things,If you don’t accept,Let my old face go there!”

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