“Clear,Why didn’t you see him??”

“He went to Xiaoxi to fish.。”
Two people talk about talking,Horseshoe。
There is a mountain spring on the mountain.,Make the small road in the village,People walking down, affecting,When the horseshoes are pulled up, they will bring some filters.。If the buns are,I will capture this picture.。
槐 nor,The cow will slowly slow down the yard.。
槐 sitting on horseback:“This horse is not,too small,No, I have rid of the horse who rode before.。”
Southwest Ma it is a small horse,Be good at http://www.lijin-lawyer.cn climbing mountain and mountain,Advantages are endurance、Limited and tame,Be unknown,And the mutant is obviously the horse’s horse.。
“Get down。”Shout。
“I do not!”
“Are you not disappointing??”
Zhou Zhiyi speechless。
And Zheng Yizhen looked loudly on the side.。
At this time, the phone is ringing.,It is a call from Nan Ge.。He said a few words,Tell Nan Ge to go to the middle of the mountain,The pavilion has a blue stone trail to the right.,Top to stop,I hang up the phone.。
“Nan Ge is coming。”Zhou Zhizhi Zheng Yuki and 槐,“I will pick up her.。”
“I ride.。”
“You are looking for a good reason.。”序 sitting on horseback。
“This is not a reason。”Turnover。
“Then I am going?”槐。
“no!”Zhouzhi language firm。
“Look, look.……”
槐 is reluctant,But http://www.iyanbang.cn still did not fight with him:“You ride, you ride.,I will go directly to Nan Ge.,Solver her。”
Fluffy,He disappeared in front of the two。
Zhou has finally laughed。
Zheng Yulai helped him holding the reins,Dairy cows stand still,Zhou is unusually skilled,According to Zheng Yu-yan,Gently patted the horse back it, I’m going forward.。
Zhouzhi is somewhat nervous,He turned back and want to say hello to Zheng Yuchi.,But see Zheng Yuku called the big yellow,Refers to the direction of the guidance,The rhubarb climbs up and walks to the front of the cow.,And look back at them。
Zhou Zhi Zhi Zhengfu waved。
Zheng Yulai is only smiling at him,not talking。
The horse has been walking forward.。
Rhubarb in front of the road,The cow is stocked with it.,Slow foots slow,Crisp ringtone echoating in the valley。
http://www.zyfpay.cn After one hour。
Zhouzi is sitting in the horseback of the horse and waving。
Nan Ge Limao opened his eyes:“How this horse is this color??Is it a string of cows??”
“It is called a cow。”
Nan Ge is looking at the head.,I am busy with him.:“Come down quickly,Let me ride one ride。”

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