“Don’t go now。”

“Did you find my girlfriend??”Ms. Ji exposed a smile,“Is that girl??It’s very good to see.。”
“No, I am good.。”
“You have become a lot of money.!”Ms. Ji is very happy,“It seems that the girl is very good.。”
“I am also very grateful to her.。”
In the face of her, there is no cover.。
Sitting and talking for a while,Face-to-face understanding of each other,They went out。
The disposable small dish for the group is prepared.。
I bought a cake in front of a new red cake shop.,Send a few pieces of dishes and forks,Although it is a one-time,But do very exquisite。I don’t know what material is,Anyway, not a bubble,Light blue,Quality imaging is porcelain。
Zhou said that it is very like。
Then I stole him on the evening.,It is now used to give a group as a temporary cutlery.。
I have eaten abalone lunch.、Macao and scorpion。
The quality of the hotel controls very well,Taste too hard,Even the group is very happy。
Double Bao Xianran is not,Zhou can’t afford it,Ms. Ji also can’t afford it.。Even if you eat,The mainland city like Jin Shi is almost impossible to eat.——Money is difficult to buy three abalone,Don’t say that double head is。
May only have red dyeing sisters have this matter。
Go home after eating,Zhou,Ms. Ji helped him clean up the room.,He is intended to live here a few days.。
Night fall。
The city lit up lights,Stars point,Especially in the far house,Is intensive ordered light。If you narrow your eyes, those lights become blurred.,Blurred into a slight spot,Just like the stars sprinkled on the ground。
The group is squatting on the window,The night scene of the city is reflected in her gemlined eyes,She can see the god。
The sequin appears in front of the circumference,Holding a computer in your hand,Some anxious:“Are you free right now?”
“Give it to me quickly.!”
Zhou opened the computer in his hand。
槐 sitting with him,Get together,Stick to his operation:“The other is your mother?Very good look!”
http://www.sdzygb.cn “What do you want to do?”Zhouzhi is vigilant。
“Talk about,Didn’t think about it?!”槐 序 序,After a moment, he came back to God.,然 反 盯 周,Full face‘You don’t even have this trust.’Expression。
Zhouzhi looked at the messy shortcut icon on the computer desktop,Both light anti-virus software have several,He is not speaking:“Do you have this rogue software for a whole day??”
槐:“It is installed。”
There is no sound,I only worry about it.,There are some bad unloading,Some special ways。
After uninstalled, it is an hour.。
Change the account name again‘痨 痨 老’,The password is like it.,I started to set some content to him.。
There is a little obsessive disorder,Computer should be neat and orderly,Desktop is clean,It is also convenient to find things.。So in general, he will not use it.CDisplay anything,Even http://www.lyrczp.cn the system default【desktop】【picture】【video】【download】Waiting for the folder, he must also transfer the path to other disks.。The directory under each disc must also be clear,The folder name is clear。

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