Tongzhou Retired Military Affairs Bureau held an independent retired soldiers online adaptive training meeting

People’s Daily Online October 28th, October 27, the 2021 self-employed retired soldiers online adaptive training meeting organized by the Tongzhou District Retired Military Affairs Bureau.

Chen Xiaoli, deputy director of the Tongzhou Decommissioning Military Affairs Bureau, said, "Organization convened the retired soldiers to adaptive training meeting, in order to convey the welcoming and caring of retired soldiers to returning the retired soldiers, I hope that the majority of retired soldiers will cherish the honor of the soldiers, continue to carry forward The fine tradition of the troops, the key pace of the transformation of the industry, adding a glimpse to Tongzhou District. "The online training course integrates high-quality resources, invited to the Tongzhou District Human Social Security Bureau, the party school backbone teacher and professional planning. Senior Human Resource Manager, etc., content coverage, personal archiving, retired military basic pension insurance continued, retired military resettlement, employment entrepreneurship, career planning, etc. Career planning, improve knowledge structure, improve ability quality, and realize the smooth transformation of the military main army to the local powerful army. All the more than 150 retired soldiers received in the fall of this year participated in this online training. Training is a combination of live broadcast and back. At the same time, the interactive module is added, and the exchange of exchanges between retired soldiers is frequent, and the training session video is characterized It is also ensured that the retired soldiers have repeatedly absorbed in various types of knowledge. The relevant person in charge said that the adaptive training session will guide the retired soldiers to adjust their mentality during the role transition process, establish a correct choice, reasonably adjust employment expectations, and actively contribute their strength for the construction of urban center.

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