The National Development Bank Xiamen Branch and Xiang’an District People’s Government signed "" 14th Five-Year Plan "Development Financial Cooperation Memorandum"

In order to implement the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party, further serve the high-quality, high-quality, modernization, international urban construction in Xiamen City, and vigorously promote "crossing island development", support Xiang’an District to build Xiamen City Deputy Center, build "5 + 6 + N" Modern Industrial Development System. On November 12th, the Xiamen Xiang’an District People’s Government signed the "Memorandum" of the 14th Five-Year Plan "Branch of Xiamen Municipal Branch of the National Development Bank. The signing of a new round of cooperation memorandum is the long-term, comprehensive strategic partnership between the two sides. In October 2016, the Xiamen Branch of the National Development Bank and the Xiang’an District Government signed the "Memorandum" of the 13th Five-Year Plan "in the" Supported Demonstration ". In the past five years, the Development Bank Xiamen Branch has given full play to the development of financial in key areas, weak links, key periods, and accurately affecting the development strategy of Xiang’an District, providing more than 2 billion yuan in financing, focusing on the eastern sports exhibition, new city, new city Airport blocks and other cities and other urban update projects, support Xiang’an sewage treatment plants, Eastern waste incineration power generation, Xiang’an Water Factory and other people’s livelihood, and help a number of key companies such as San’an, Tianma, and Linko. , Promote the high quality development of Xiang’an District.

This round of development financial cooperation involves a total investment of 71.7 billion yuan, with a financing amount of 45 billion yuan, and both parties will focus on the "14th Five-Year Plan" planning of Xiang’an District through planning first, policy guidance, market construction, financing and other means. Fields and major projects, focus on Xiang’an San Island Development Strategy, service "5 + 6 + N" modern industrial system development goals The transformation and upgrading of industrial industries and urban and rural coordinates.

Next, the National Development Bank Xiamen Branch continues to exert development financial large, long-term, stable unique role and financing advantages, using comprehensive financial services advantages such as "investment, loan, debt, rents, certificate", and special policy advantages, Exploring PPP and other investment and financing models, providing all-round "megration financing financing" services for the villages of Xiang’an District, urban renewal, new airport construction, industrial development, park platform and other fields, help Xiang’an District full high quality The development beyond the new level, became the strongest "growth pole" in the island, and the island exterior development "rim", building the core area of ??the eastern municipal center of southwestern south. (Editor: Chen Lanyan, Zhang Zijian) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

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