Swedish IKEA hacking incident tentatively a non-terrorist attack

People’s Network St. Ollo August 10th According to the Swedish Public TV: Local Time Appearance, in the city of Thider, the city, the IKEA home in the city of Vistros, the hacking incident, caused two deaths and one heavy injury.

The police said to the media that a man and a woman have been killed, and the third victim is carrying out the surgical rescue, and the situation is critical.

IKEA malls and the entire shopping mall show close, all personnel dismissed.

The suspect was arrested by the police after twenty minutes after the incident.There are about forty cameras at the IKEA site, and the police will adjust the image and restore the site to analyze.

According to the police, the National Security Authority will not participate in the investigation, so the temporary implementation will not be a terrorist attack.(Wang Wei).

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