Research: Sleeping more than an hour to reduce the risk of newborns

For a long time, scientists have always thought that sufficient sleep in the evening is important to maintain health.

The study pointed out that sleep is not good with obesity, and even high blood pressure and diabetes.

But these research is mainly limited to adults (especially inverting staff). There are very few people involved in the health of the sleep mode disorder in newborn babies in half a year.

Recently published "Sleep" magazines published a new study, investigating in the new baby sleep and health relations in half a year. It is found that the baby sleeps in a few months in the world, will become an important factor in preventing weight overweight in early times.

The researchers use the activities of the ankle joint to track 298 new baby sleep activities.

Scientists found that as long as they add additional hour sleep every night, 1 to 6 months of baby weight overweight risk will fall by 26%. The baby wakes less in the evening, and the weight overweight is lower. This study emphasized the importance of all ages of healthy sleep. In order to ensure the good sleep of the baby, parents should provide dark and quiet space for baby sleep.

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