People’s Bank: Personal Static Collection Barcode is forbidden for remote non-face collection

Original title: People’s Bank: Personal Static Collections Barcode is forbidden for remote non-face-to-face collection of people’s online Beijing October 14 (Reporter Luo Zhi) According to the official website of the People’s Bank of China, recently, the People’s Bank released "People’s Bank of China" Notice on Strengthening Payment Acceptance Terminals and related business management (hereinafter referred to as "notification"). The person in charge of the relevant department of the People’s Bank said that in order to standardize the personal collection barcode, "Notice" requires personal static receiving barcodes to prohibit the use of remote non-faceted receipts, and it is necessary to implement white list management to prevent personal static collection. Barcts are sold, rental, and borrowed to build a gambling activity line recharge channel. The person in charge, "Notice" around the bank card acceptance terminal full lifecycle management, requires the subscriber to establish terminal serial number and subscriber code, special merchant coding, special merchants unified social credit code, special merchant subscriber settlement account, The bank card acceptance terminal placed the corresponding relationship between five elements such as the geographic location, and ensures that the associated correspondence is consistent and non-tamper with the full process.

Focusing on the above requirements, based on the different responsibilities of the market entity, establish a multi-level normative mechanism, forming the management system of each of our duties, multi-party. On the one hand, adhering to the "Who of Terminal Who is responsible", consolidating the main responsibility of the subscriber agency on the listing business.

The receipt mechanism should establish a terminal serial number and five elements associated correspondence. If you change any elements during the use of the terminal, you should re-fulfill the relevant audit procedures.

The subscriber should adopt a bank card acceptance terminal with password identification technology to ensure that the terminal initiated transactions can be traced. On the other hand, adhering to the "Who is responsible for" "," consolidation of the sufficiency of the liquidation body on the maintenance responsibility of this network.

The clearing body shall organize a member agency to completely comb, evaluate the network entry terminal, and evaluate the terminals that do not meet the notice requirements, in accordance with the risk rating within the deadline. At the same time, establish an entry management platform for entering the network card acceptance terminal, which will have a full life cycle management of the terminal serial number and the five elements association with the member subscriber to change, monitor, and exit.

Once the monitoring found that the relevant elements are inconsistent with the original binding relationship, the liquidation mechanism, the subscriber should take risks and disposal measures to effectively prevent the risk of "transfer" "set".

Considering the same terminal may enter a number of clearing agencies, in order to avoid duplication of construction, clearing agencies can self-built or entrust other agencies to establish management platforms, but their main responsibility is not transferred by the commission. The entrustment mechanism includes other liquidation agencies, industry self-discipline organizations, third-party professional institutions, and specific objects and patterns are determined by clearing agencies.

How to specify the personal receipt barcode? The person in charge of the relevant departments of the People’s Bank said that in order to better play the wise, convenience of receiving barcodes, "Notice" proposes the following targeted requirements for the premise of preventing risks.

First, the personal receipt barcode user with obvious business characteristics refers to the special merchant management, requiring the merchant receiving barcode for such personal users, enhances the quality of the listing services to individual operators.

Second, the personal static receiving bar code is required to prohibit the use of remote non-face collection, and it is necessary to implement white list management.

The third is to refer to the implementation of personal static receiving barcode to perform personal static receiving barcode through screen capture, download, etc. to prevent criminals from using personal dynamic receiving barcode to avoid policies.

The fourth is to prudently determine the personal static receiving bar code white list access conditions and scale, the validity period of the personal static receiving bar code, the number of uses and transaction limits, preventing the risk of whitelist abuse. Talking about the impact on consumers and small micro commercial households, the above personally believes that the "Notice" generally helps better protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. On the one hand, the "Notice" further standardizes the management of the acceptance terminal and the special merchant management from the multi-main body and multi-dimensional, which is conducive to the prevention of criminals to make a resort for the consumer, and applying for a false merchant. On the other hand, the "Notice" requires clearing agencies to improve payment business message rules, and support the membership of the agency to meet the needs of the customer’s necessary reasonable transaction information inquiry, which is conducive to the promotion of the quality of the bank, payment agency, transaction information inquiry, etc. Fully protect consumers’ right to know, reduce relevant disputes and complaints.

"In the long run," Notice "about regulating personal collection code will further enhance the quality of orders for personal operators and small micro commercial households. For personal collection code users with obvious business activities," Notice " Requires the subscriber mechanism to be managed by special merchants.

After the personal operator and the small micro commercial household cooperate with the subscriber to complete the merchant networking program, the subscriber should provide payment services in accordance with the merchant service standard, and establish a related relationship between the information association of the merchant and the subscriber settlement account, which helps from Source prevention of outsourcing agencies to misappropriate funds, large merchants ‘two Qing’, help to better protect personal operators and small micro commercial household fund safety and service experience.

"The person in charge said. (Editor: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Sharing let more people see.

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