Recognizing the "four-party responsibility" to maintain the economic and social development

  On the morning of November 2nd, the general command of the headquarters of the new coronary virus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work, governor Feng Fei held a headquarters work meeting in Haikou, requiring deep implementation of General Secretary General Secretary of General Secrets on Epidemic Prevention and Control Recognize the current situation of the current serious epidemic prevention and control, grasp the "four mornings" requirements, grab the "four fast" emergency response ability, compaction "four responsibility", and maintain a good situation in Hainan Province’s economic and social development.

  The meeting conveyed the spirit of the provincial party committee to address the meeting of the epidemic work, listening to the recent epidemic prevention and control report, studying the deployment of the next step. Feng Fei pointed out that the current province’s epidemic prevention and control situation is generally good, in the face of still complicated and severe international domestic epidemic situation, the province must further improve the political station, strengthen the ideological understanding, and prevent the epidemic As a political task, I grasp the grasp, and I firmly overcome paralyzed thoughts, tired of mood, luck, and relieve mentality, and resolutely prevent the epidemic from entering our province. To mention a non-three, weaites, the anti-control network, accelerate the problem rectification, comprehensively check the epidemic prevention and control hole and vulnerabilities to ensure that the prevention and control measures have fallen into place. To take the initiative, grasp the various epidemic prevention and control initiatives, strengthen the departmental linkage and information sharing, build a port line to prevent aggregation activities management of overseas input, strict tourism, strengthen the construction capacity of nucleic acid detection, and continue to do vaccine to strengthen immunity Inoculated and guided 3 years old – 11 years old, there is no contrast, "should be connected", carry out inspection and supervision of various city counties. The provincial leaders Wang Road participated in the meeting.

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