Small cell lung cancer treatment has a new progress in patients and survival breakthroughs "Year" Kan

  Small cell lung cancer is the strongest type of invasiveness in lung cancer, high degree of malignancy, fast cell proliferation, and progresses rapidly.

Patients with small cell lung cancer will occur in the distant transfer of cancer cells, and 2/3 patients are already late. These patients are also known as patients with small cell lung cancer, which often spread to the entire lung or other parts of the body, especially brain metastasis and liver metastasis, and 5 years average survival rate is only 3%. In clinical treatment, many doctors do not want to face small cell lung cancer. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Dean of Shandong Cancer Hospital said in Jinming: "Small cell lung cancer is a kind of biological behavior and the worst prognosis, especially in advance.

Its treatment plan has been developed in two years, and the treatment strategy of chemotherapy solutions has been used for many years, and there is still no new progress.

"Although most small cell lung cancer patients have better initial reaction of chemotherapeutic drugs, the efficacy is short, and the probability of recurrence within 6 months after treatment is high. Once recurrence, the condition often has deteriorated quickly, follow-up treatment Poor, the average life of patients after first-line chemotherapy is only about 10 months. So, is this cancer possible to detect early in the early stage? Secretary of the Party Committee of Jilin Province, Deputy Director of China Clinical Cancer Society Representation: "Small cell lung cancer lacks early symptoms, and now the pulmonary cancer screening is more screening the glass nodules. It is not necessarily to discover the tumor earlier. Once the symptoms of small cell lung cancer have, like a cough, cough, and sputum Blood, chest pain, fatigue, etc. are both late symptoms.

If we check a chest CT one year, it is already very big when it is very fast due to the proliferation of small cell lung cancer. "With the continuous development of medicine, the emergence of targeted therapy and immunotherapy has created a new field of lung cancer treatment.

Targeting treatment refers to the use of different targeted drugs to block the signal conduction of cancer cells, hinder the growth of cancer cells, which makes a systemic side reaction, so that many advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients have been obtained. Long-term survival and higher quality of life. "The latest clinical research has achieved breakthroughs, and PD-L1 inhibitors combined with chemotherapy for the first-line treatment of advanced small cell lung cancer, which enables the patient’s median total survival for more than one year, which is a revolutionary contribution to us. "Yu Jinming said. At present, this treatment is a consistent recommendation of the National Integrated Cancer Network, China Clinical Oncology Society and other domestic and foreign authority guidelines. "I believe in further development of innovative therapies such as immunotherapy, as well as immunotherapy, precision testing, precision treatment, radiotherapy, etc., multi-professional, multi-field fusion, small cell lung cancer will achieve greater breakthroughs, will There are more patients with small cell lung cancer benefit from advanced innovative therapy, and the total survival and quality of life will also be further improved, and the long survival in the true sense is realized. "Yu Jinming said.

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