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  Xinhuanet Changchun November 13th (clothes) paper, ivered printing, is a treasure of Chinese traditional culture.In Changchun, a literary project called "Individual Space" is loved by more and more people.Since the launch of the project in 2017, students who have received tens of thousands of ages and their parents have been received.

  At the beginning of November, we went to the Jilin Provincial Advertising Industrial Park to visit the "Industrial Space" project, see the children who are experiencing here, pick up the sleeves from the water, pick up the packets and make ancient poems, hand ink,There is a smile on the face. While experiencing paper, the printing is infinite, enjoying the joy and happiness of "Wenchuang Products".It can also learn knowledge and manipulate it.Xinhua Net Xia Yiming consumes the packet and puts the paper, and the ink on the hand is printed on the rice paper.Xinhua Net Xia Yiming took a process of spelling, covering ink, and expansion, and a first ancient poem was printed.

Xinhua Net Xia Yiming photo is looking for Chinese characters in the lead live library.

Xinhua Net Xia Yiming photo "The" The Individual Space "traditional cultural experience is the" four inventions of the inch, do my book ‘for the theme.

"The explanation of Monk Sun Jiaxin introduced, in the event, they will explain printing knowledge, visit the modern print shop, so that everyone understands how books are completed.

After that, visit the four major inventions, through the pictures, words, and physical, sculptures, etc., let the experience, including the four major inventions including orthodontics, papermaking, and understand the printing expertise . "Experience activities is the city and elementary school students in the city. Most of them are actively organized by schools and contact us to enhance students’ knowledge and hands-on ability.

"Sun Jiaxin said. After the visit, the experience is entered, and some process sections of orthodontics, ancient biopsy can be practiced.

The word dense maidaus is completely placed on the shelf, and you can find the words you need by "scanning the code".

  There is practical, there are fruits. In the experience link, the experience can print ancient poems and make cards, and finally make a photo book, put the activity process and printing experience works into the book, as commemoration. Indooler, printing card, fishing pulp is not easy to manually relieve the printing machine.

Xinhua Net Xia Yiming takes ancient law paper demo, picking pulp from the water.

Xinhua Net Xia Yiming takes a paper of ancient law paper. Xinhua Net Xia Yiming photo Sun Jiaxin operation imitation Gudenburg printing machine.

Xinhua Net Xia Yiming photo big school bag, thick extension, stack in the lobby, the children smashed the sleeves, and started to experience printing and papermaking.

  There are more than a dozen lead library plates on the long table, and there is an ancient poem with lead alive characters, and it is used to brush the brush to brush the ink is also ready. The explanator will roll the brush, then use force to paint the handwritten version of the surface. When each odor is brushed on the ink, the rice paper is covered on the lead lettering version, and the paper is used to paper.

With the beating, the letter of the lead word is printed on the paper, and the ancient poem is printed.

  After listening to explanation, I saw the demonstration, the children were sold hard, pick up the packets, and the sound of "rushing" is endless.

"Note, don’t touch the ink.

"To make each word ink."

"The explanator is in charge of time." I was printed is Li Bai’s poem, "I have sent a white emperor". "I printed is Du Fu’s poem …" The children are discussing. Children are gratifying to watch the orthodontics printing ink links. Data Picture ancient method paper explanations and experience. Data pictures Experience ancient biopsy On the side, seven eight children pull the sleeves, digging up the curtain consisting of wooden frames and gauze, put into the sink, and picking pulp in water.

After that, take out the curtain, press the non-woven fabric and the whiteboard, turn the surface, press the hip to press the bed.

The moisture is pressed from the curtain, and the pulp left on the nonwoven fabric.

After drying, it will become a paper. "Experience paper is a session that children are particularly like.

Sun Jiaxin said that children can complete their own paper, and some paper can also add flowers and make good flowers and paper.

The children printed with hand-relieve printing machines.

Data image hand-handed print press, a little girl puts a white card on the bookmark in the machine, then depresses the handle, a bookmark with "paper" words and patterns are printed. The girl is small, the pattern is shallow, and the uncle, the uncle will help her again.

The hand-craveled printing machine is suitable for printing, such as postcards, greeting cards, bookmarks, etc.

The four printing machines here are used to produce "paper" "printing" "compass" and "gunpowder" four cards. The "Indian Arts" project also has a germimatus printing machine imitation product, which can be used to print "three characters", and the experience is endless. Indian poems, prints, fishing … The children are too busy. Some children are afraid of ink, and the paper and cards in the printed ancient poems are put in the sun, and the ink is completely dried, and then carefully harvested.

  This mother and daughter dialogue let her memorize the sculpture in the universal hall showed the prime of the ancients using the rotary row.

Xinhua Net Xia Yiming photo wall, the message area, record the figure and sentiment of the children experience. Xinhua Net Xia Yiming photo Sun Jiaxin graduated from the foreign language university in Jilin in 2018. Just learned from history and culture, learning printing knowledge, reception students group, after graduation, it has been working more than a year. "Many parents and children are just holding a mentality, when they come here, find that you can see, you can learn, you can play, you can take the work, they are very happy and excited There are a lot of knowledge that they have never known.

"Sun Jiaxin said, exhibition hall, show the statue of ancient picking tool turning ribbon operation process, let the children don’t want to leave for a long time. In the printing workshop, the arms can be completely launched, and a house is The printing machine that can’t be installed will make them "wow" and the exclamation. Reception, a pair of mother and daughters make her still remember.

  The child asked: "Mom, have you seen these press? Have you played these activities?" Mom said: "Baby, I also saw these things for the first time, although you are also the first time, but yours The first time I was more than ten years than my first time.

"I am very touched at the time, because this allows children to combine textbook knowledge and practice earlier, and go to experience these profound traditional culture.

"Sun Jiaxin said. Editor: Zhao Shille responsibility: Guo Chong editor: Huang Wei Meman: Wang Jianmin.

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