Anhui Feidong: Targeting new pace to "Accelerating the Construction of 100 billion counties"

Recently, Hefei Rui Yue · Zhigu Phase I Project Enterprise Elementary Service Docking and Second Phase IIP Investment Promotion will be held smoothly in Feidong Economic Development Zone, marking the goal of Feidong County towards "Accelerating Building 100 billion counties" A solid step.

Hefei Rui Yue · Zhigu Technology Innovation Industrial Park mainly faculty in technology, modern service innovation enterprises, electronic information, biomedical, intelligent intelligence, design, development, modern service, new energy materials research and development, regional headquarters, e-commerce For the hard conditions of investment, it is designed to create a comprehensive park integrated with technical research and development, industrial production, and enterprise office, and strive to become a transformation base of Hefei scientific and technological achievements and national technology enterprises. Since the operation of the project, since June, the station has achieved nearly 200 million yuan in business income and more than 10 million yuan. The industrial park is located in the south of Baogong Avenue in Feidong, and the town is east. The project has an area of ??approximately 60 acres. The total construction area is about 148,400 square meters. The total investment is about 100 million yuan, divided into three phases.

Unlike traditional industrial parks, Hefei Rui Yue · Zhigu Technology Innovation Industrial Park hits high-end, high-quality development routes, the internal environment is beautiful, high green, and the landscape avenue is flat.

The surrounding environment is fresh and quiet, the space is open, the lighting is transmitted, realizes the real "Air Garden" production R & D and office environment, hardware facilities unified and beautiful, and the later maintenance system and integrated service platform are complete, adhering to the concept of "intentional investment, real service" Strive to build a new sample of the innovation and development of Feidong Industrial Park, welcome to enterprises in accordance with the industrial positioning. Feidong Economic Development Zone will fully "shop small two" developed in the service park, providing the best service for the park to ensure that the park is early, early, and early.

Hefei Rui Yue · Zhigu Technology Innovation Industrial Park Project is highly fitted with the industrial positioning of Feidong County, and has cultivated the new growth point of Feidong County economy. After the project is completed, it will help Feidong County to accelerate the formation of "New Gang Avenue" full-production chain and high quality construction "two districts". (红玲) (Editor: Huang Yan, Zhang Lei) Sharing let more people see.

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