Daily Media: The day provides "weapons and other protection" for the first time

On November 14, according to Japan’s "Tokyo News" reported on November 13, Japan’s Defense Town announced on the 12th that Japanese Maritime Self-defense teams held joint training during joint training in southern Island from 10th to 12th, Naustu, Japan. Based on the safety guarantee-related method, the rice branch is provided to the Australian Navy Varamontae guard ship to provide weapons and other protection.

This is the first time in Japan to implement weapons such as objects other than the US military.

According to reports, protection such as weapons refers to the behavior of providing protection for fundackets and aircraft, which is a task added to the Self-Defense Team after 2016.

Since there is no cases previously implemented, this situation is unusual. On the day, the Australian government is strengthening defending capabilities for China’s rise. The security law has been controversial.

Japanese Defense provoke said that Australia is a special strategic partner, and the police protection can improve the intermingability, indicating that both parties can work closely. The decision was made by a comprehensive judgment. However, the defense province did not announce the specific action content of the police protection.

Japanese Defense and Australian Prevention began to coordinate weapons and other protective protection.

At the two foreign ministers in June this year, at 2 + 2 conferences, the two sides said that the implementation of weapons and other protection is ready, and Australia will become a target country such as Japanese weapons.

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