After the "Kuliang Story" of a hundred years: the past and the new event

Yixia Villa.

Fuzhou Wenbao Bureau is a "Cinehery" video in a section of only 72 seconds, and many Fuzhou people have been touched.

101-year-old American old man lenbilling uses the local Fuzhou diamond blessing "Peace! Peace" "I will remember a little Futang dialect, I can’t remember too much!" This video appeared on October 19th by Fujian Foreign Affairs Office. In the Key Story "Theme Speech, American scholar Eric shared the hometown story of the 100-year-old man lenbilling. "Township" is a word that the Chinese often mentioned. It represents the thoughts of hometown; and in the heart of Lenbilling old people, the hometown is the unforgettable "Tiger Tigers", and the hometown is more unforgettable. "Drum Ling Story.

(1) "The Story of the Drum Ridge": A friendship’s best, Drum Ridge, located in the eastern suburbs of Fuzhou, because of its beautiful scenery and pleasant climate, it has become a summer resort very early.

For most Chinese, "Druming" is a strange place name, but it is not stranger than the "Gulling Story". Many people are not strange. Many years ago, a "Gulling Story" was moved to the International Political Stage.

In February 2012, Xi Jinping, the vice chairman of the Time, told the "Gulling Story" during the visit, and moved everyone. The protagonist of this story is Milton Gardner. He was a prior to the University of California.

I don’t have anything forever.

In the decades of this decadency, Gardner’s greatest wish is to take a look at the Chinese Hills when I returned.

It is a pity that Kathner has not been able to go to the world. Before the end, he continued to come to "Kuliang, Kuliang".

Where is "Kuliang"? In order to achieve the wish of his husband’s life, Mrs. Karda continues to struggle to crack the mystery of "kuliang".

11 stamps were printed with the word "Fuzhou Drum Ridge", let her find the clue, and with the help of a Chinese student, finally figured out "Kuliang" is China Fuzhou "Druming".

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