832 platform: "Feng" scene is unique

"Virjdney settled in March 2020, 11 products, 11 products have been received, and the amount of orders across the country has exceeded 5 million yuan, helping farmers more than 1,000 households.

"On October 26, Liu Jingwen, the founder of the Xinjiang Branch of the Agricultural and Sideline Products Production and Work, 2021 Poverty Reduction, said Liu Jingwen, the founder of Kashivigi Ni Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

This docking session is "using government procurement, promoting rural residence", the purpose is to deliver the agricultural and sideline products network sales platform ("832 platform") special agricultural and sideline products, the advantages of government procurement policy, "online + Underline "two-way online Unicom, help the aging area of ??agricultural and sideline products to expand the sales.

On the same day, suppliers from 32 povertyens in Xinjiang signed more than 100 bills of budget, and more than 100 intentions were nearly 30 million yuan. The reporter learned that "832 platform" officially operated from January 2020. With the "832 platform", the sales of agricultural and sideline products from all kinds of agricultural and sideline products in the poverty reduction area in 2020; the sales of agricultural and sideline products in the poverty reduction in the country in January-September have reached 100 million yuan.

3002 commodity settles to open the computer to search "832 platform", open the link, you can see the "832 Platform" home page, "Xinjiang special help zone" and other posters are scrolling playback. Click on the link to see that "832 Platform" classifies all kinds of agricultural and sideline products in Xinjiang, and all levels of budget in all levels can select all kinds of products under different categories.

From the eggs in Hetian County, the bone beef in Niolk County, from the safflower seed oil from Keping County to Dumi Prefecture, the various agricultural and sideline products on the "832 platform" make people look at it.

In the semester area, the reporter saw 14 yuan per bag, 1 bag, 1 bag.

Open links, product manufacturers are all kinds of documents such as Tiantian and E-Commerce Co., Ltd., corporate qualification, and help certificate and other documents. "The agricultural and sideline products sold by the ‘832 platform’ must be a special agricultural and sideline product produced from the povertygraduate area and use local raw materials, and the product needs to ensure quality and safeity through national SC certification.

"As a" 832 platform "Xinjiang Operation Service Center – Deng Jing, the person in charge of Xinjiang Supply and Marketing Cooperation, Autonomous Region. The reporter learned that the" 832 platform "was revised by the Ministry of Finance, the National Rural Revitalization Bureau, China National The TCC of the Supply and Marketing Cooperation jointly initiates, integrating trading, service, supervision functions, achieving online display, online transactions, logistics tracking, online payment, product tracing, online transactions, logistics tracking, online payment, and product tracing.

"The ‘832 platform’ will have strong ability to povertrop, product quality, integrity, integrity, family farm and other market entities and other levels of budget units, to participate in the purchase of agricultural and sideline products in the whole society It is convenient to create a stable channel for the sales of agricultural and sideline products in the povertygraduate area, effectively promote the continued development of the country’s characteristic industries.

The reporter learned that as of the end of September this year, there were 457 suppliers in 32 suppliers in the country to complete the "832 Platform" to settle up to 3002. The product is popular with farmers to increase the increase in farmers on October 26. The reporter saw in the Xinjiang venue in the production and sales, and the 32nd suppliers from Xinjiang selected more than 300 products, involving dried fruit nuts, rice noodles, casual snacks. , Quick food dry goods, meat cooked food, etc.

Xinjiang Huihua, Xinjiang Huihua, Xinjiang, China mainly engaged in seabuckthorn planting production and sales business. After 12 years of development, the current products cover oil, raw, juice, juice, jam, wine, etc. Variety. "With the ‘832 platform’, the company has a total of more than 200,000 yuan with the budget units at all levels.

I hope to hold such offline docking activities in the future, so that the purchasing unit can understand our products more intuitively.

Sun Tao, general manager of Xinjiang Huihua Corber Biotechnology Co., Ltd., said. Tori Tian Dinghui Nong Technology Co., Ltd. is a industrialized leading enterprise in a production of safflower oil and sunflower oil in Turi Prefecture.

In the past two years, the company’s product sales have reached more than 30 million yuan.

It is understood that the amount of safflower planting area of ??Tower Basin reached 400,000 mu, Tori Tian Dinghui Nong Technology Co., Ltd. uses the red flower raw material used by the total production, direct or indirectly drives the local farmers’ income effect.

Wang Laizhong, Chairman of Tori Tian Dinghui Nong Technology Co., Ltd., said: "Last year, the company achieved sales of more than 4 million yuan in the ‘832 platform’, this year’s sales have been more than 2 million yuan." In the Huayu Tree in the Hetian Region Zone Before the bobbin industry, you can attract a lot of people to taste many people. "The company uses domestic advanced mushrooms planting production technology. At present, the new year is 15 million, with an annual output of 10,000 tons of mushrooms, and the annual output value is from 100 million yuan. We have worked in Mo Yuxian to cooperate with farmers cooperation, running under the forest planting arch shed. More than 2,000 seats.

Yan Yuxu’s Marginal Fungus Co., Ltd. Marketing Director is said. "We used to go online for two or three months in the ‘832 platform’. We are very optimistic about this sales channel, I hope to carry out more formal publicity activities in the future to help us with the consumption helping unit. Yan Jing said. Statistics show that in 2020, the budget unit at all levels in Xinjiang completed the purchase amount of 100 million yuan through the "832 platform". In 2020, the "832 platform" special agricultural product sales amount is the three counties and markets in front of the list. Burchas, Beiber’s autonomous county, Beibe County, Hetian County. Pre-cloud warehouse improved distribution efficiency "At this production and sales, we can find more products, choose more, and very happy to pass the ‘832 platform’ Increases a force to the agriculture and animal husbandry people.

"On October 27, the relevant personnel of the government’s agricultural rural mechanization development center in the production and sales, the autonomous regional agricultural rural mechanization development center said. Since last year, the" 832 platform "has been used for purchasing ends and sales of several times to carry out the budget units at all levels of autonomous regions And supplier online training, through social software, Xinjiang consumption help purchaser, supplier service group, providing services to the Government procurement of government procurement. "Next, we will more accurately dock all over the country through the form of the exhibition. Sales channels, especially with Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other channels and other channels, etc. "Zhu Zhi Zhi said," Relgo ‘832 Platform ", we will change from the original line’ one leg ‘to’ two legs’ walk, and use live broadcast, marketing, etc., through the sales of agricultural and sideline products, the local industry, Common development of humanistic tourism resources. "The current quality of the" 832 platform "currently exists, the delivery speed is improved, the type of purchase of goods is enriched, Zhu Youzhi said:" At present, we have established a front Cloud warehouse in Urumqi, Xi’an has established a front cloud warehouse, next step, we Will establish your own cloud warehouse in Wuhan and the long triangle, the Pearl River Delta. Under the premise of strictness, the ‘832 platform’ will carry out inventory in advance of all items, and receive orders to quickly send goods through logistics. "Zhu Zhi Zhi introduced that" 832 platforms "will be combined after the commodity organization to the cloud warehouse, from 100 yuan to 600 yuan, divided into multiple gear positions, divided into multiple gear, according to different gear The category is more rich, diverse. In addition, "832 platform" will not only limit the trade union welfare procurement of the service budget unit, but also for the agency restaurant, school cafeteria, etc., can set more suitable product specifications according to demand, such as each The bucket is 20 liters or larger capacity of edible oil, more convenient. (Toy) (Editor: Yang Rui, Han Ting) Share more people to see.

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