People come to discuss: Expired medicine needs a good "destination"

Where did the expired medicines go? "White Paper Recycling of Family Family Family" shows that about%of my country’s families have small pills in their families, but more than 80%of families do not have the habit of regularly cleaning up the drug box, and about 10,000 tons of expired medicines in the country in one year. Some people still choose to take it for the disposal of expired medicines; some people are discarded directly as ordinary garbage.

Regardless of whether it is an unknown side effect or not, or without proper treatment, it has caused pollution to the environment, or after being "recycled at high prices", it will cause damage to our health, the pharmaceutical market and the ecological environment.

How to safely and properly treat family -expired medicines is worthy of our attention. Although there have been many drug recycling work and encouraging drug recovery, the participation of the public is not as expected.

And due to the high recovery costs, the recycling work organized by relevant departments is difficult to sustainable.

In addition, the data shows that the current period of two -thirds of the rural markets flows out of the small pill boxes of the family. If we cannot improve the channels for regular expired drugs, further popularize social awareness of expired drug disposal, and increase the blow to illegal recycling chain, expired drugs will launch hidden dangers in various aspects. The disposal of expired medicines and science depends on the formal recycling channels of "tentacles".

At present, some local governments and pharmaceutical business enterprises have set up a centralized delivery point for families with expired drugs, and regularly collect expired medicines for family.

This has played a certain positive role in promoting the knowledge of safe and medicinal medicine and cracking down on illegal recycling drugs. However, long -term fixed -point recovery mechanisms are still lacking in many places.

When recycling activities, the processing channels for expired medicines still leave a blank. Holding the passage of expired medicines into the market again, it is necessary to maintain a strict situation of illegal recycling crimes. Illegal collection of drugs seriously disrupted market order and threatened people’s medication. The public security department has always maintained high pressure on drug crimes, especially illegal recycling crimes.

In the special operation of the "Kunlun" in 2021, a number of major cases were performed, which strongly deterred such criminal activities. In -depth promotion of such special rectification and combat operations, improve the long -term mechanism of combating such illegal crimes to prevent such illegal crimes, and continue to maintain a strict situation in order to closely block the channels of illegal flowing into the market in the market. Correctly understand the dangers of expired medicines and deal with expired medicines correctly. It is inseparable from the attention and active participation of the whole people. It is also necessary to increase publicity and further cultivate people’s scientific cognition, and then mobilize the positive attitude of people to participate in drug recycling. Everyone attaches great importance to it. Starting from me, it is not only responsible for their own health, but also the greatest support for the law enforcement department to fight such crimes and strong protection of the environment.

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