In 2022 Begonia Poetry and Song Qingling’s former Begonia Culture Festival were successfully held

[Font:] Vice Chairman Yu Qun said in his speech that General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that it is necessary to activate the vitality of Chinese excellent traditional culture with the spirit of the times. The two Xifu Begonia in the former residence of the National Honorary Chairman Song Qingling has a long history and rich posture. It not only cultivates the cultural event of Begonia Poetry Club in Xicheng District, has been selected as the "Begonia King" of Beijing, and is also loved by friends from various countries. This activity excavation and displaying Begonia culture, drawing spiritual power, carrying out cultural exchanges, promoting folk friendship, and cooperation with the China-ASEAN Center to implement the consensus of the China ASEAN Memorial Summit last year, continuously enhance the work of work, work together to build peace and peace in peace, peace, tranquility , Prosperous, beautiful, friendly home.

Secretary -General Chen Dehai said that ASEAN countries are connected to Chinese landscapes, bloodlines, and long -term relationships. Song Qingling Honorary Chairman established a deep friendship with many ASEAN countries leaders. Over the years, the Song Qingling Foundation of China has attached great importance to China -ASEAN relations, and has made positive contributions to deepening humanistic exchanges and promoting people’s hearts. Essence

The employees of Song Qingling’s former residence brought original poetry recitation "Begonia Flowers and Friendship -the Friendship of Sun Yat -sen Song Qingling and the people of all ASEAN countries".

The event was chaired by Wang Yang, the host of Beijing Radio and Television Station and Mou Dan.

The poem recitation "Snow and Snow" brought by the famous poet Azi and the famous dubbing actor Zhou Yang, Li Rui, the host of Beijing Radio and Television, brought poetry recitation "Birds on the Star on the Valley" to pay tribute to the Winter Olympic Games; Poetry recitation "Song of the Silk Road", Li Ling recited the poem "Ideal" in the melodious accompaniment of the violin; the famous recitation family Hu Lemin brought the poem recitation "I praise the World". The children of the Babble Children’s Academy read "The Enlightenment of Sound" in unison, and Shao Tianshuai, the national first -class actor of the Kunqu Theater in the Northern Kunqu Theater, brought the Kunqu performance "You Garden". The show was wonderful and climaxed. The theme of the Begonia Poetry Club and the former Begonia Cultural Festival of Song Qingling’s former residence of the former residence of Song Qingling, with the theme of "Begonia Blossoms to the Future", integrated the comprehensive advantages of the "Shuxiang Xicheng" event brand and the brand of former residence activities, helping the four centers in Beijing and the construction of the first good area in the country. Tell the story of Song Qingling, show the charm of Chinese culture, and deepen the exchange of civilization exchanges.

The event was supported by the China Song Qingling Foundation and the China -ASEAN Center, co -sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the Xicheng District Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, Xicheng District Culture and Tourism Bureau, and Song Qingling’s former residence management center. Affected by the epidemic, there were no audience seats at the event. It was broadcast through more than 10 media platforms such as CCTV. The People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Beijing Daily and other media reported. As of press time, hundreds of thousands of people have watched and liked, which has a wide range of social impacts.

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