Macau and Tianjin Student Clouds take Patriotic Class

People’s Daily Online, Macau, May 26th (Reporter Fokoki) On the afternoon of May 25th, the "I am a Chinese child" Baicheng and Bai School tour season kicked off at Peizheng Middle School and Tianjin Nankai Middle School at the same time.

More than 260 teachers and students from Peizheng Macau Macau and nearly 300 teachers and students from Tianjin Nankai Middle School met the clouds with the theme of "Cloud Communist Book Students Patriotic Patriotic Patriotic" and were in the same patriotic class.

The Macau Station event was co -sponsored by the Chinese Children’s Culture and Art Promotion Association Dandelion British (Macau) Children’s Cultural Center, Peizheng Middle School in Macau, Tianjin Nankai Middle School, and Xinlei Publishing House.

The first stop of the Macau event was selected to train Macau Peizheng Middle School of two generations of "The Song of Seven Sons -Macau", highlighting the theme of patriotism. At the event site, the author of "Chinese Children", the author Zeng Pingjiao, Liao Zixin, and the classmates on the scene shared and communicated around the story, book creation process, etc. The seventh grade teachers and students of Tianjin Nankai Middle School were invited to meet with the students of Peizheng Middle School in Macau. Wang Yan, Liu Jinghua, and Wen Jing of Tianjin Nankai Middle School were introduced with the "Patriotic Three Questions" of the famous educator Zhang Boling. Focusing on the development of patriotism education in Nankai Middle School over the years and patriotic compositions written by Premier Zhou Enlai during the study of Nankai Middle School.

When the students in the two schools interact and communicate, they share their reading experience and ask the writers and the classmates of the other school.

Everyone has a deeper understanding of the patriotic story told in the book, and has a more understanding of each other’s schools. Patriotic emotions are surging in the hearts of every child.

On May 26, Zeng Pingbiao entered the Macau Macau Middle School. The school is a school that is patriotic, Australia, and cultivating talents for the society. In the book "Child. During the event, Zeng Pingbiao and the students revisited with the students. Under the leadership of the two generations of principals, the students of the Xingjiang students rose to the five -star red flag for decades and shared the interview that made him unforgettable during the writing of this book. experience. The teachers and students present exchanged in -depth exchanges and discussions on the spirit of patriotism, work creation and writing.

Students have said that they are glad that their stories can be included in the book and meet with small readers across the country. I hope that everyone can learn about different Macau through reading, and understand the colorful Macau campus life. "I am a Chinese child" launched in April of this year in April this year. The event is based on the book "Chinese Children". The patriotism of adolescents enhances the national identity and patriotic feelings of young people. (Responsible editor: Yu Yang, Wu Chengliang) Share let more people see it.

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