Parents pay attention to the latest health and safety tips for the Education Bureau of Sanya Municipal City

According to the Sanya Education Bureau, in order to ensure the health and safety of campuses, families and students, on March 10, the Sanya Education Bureau issued the latest prompt to parents on the prevention and control of the epidemic. Recently, the national new crown epidemic has a multi -point exudation. The epidemic of this wave is dominated by Omikon strains as the leading strain. It has the characteristics of fast transmission speed, difficult traceability, and asymptomatic infection. The campus crowd has a strong aggregation, and the risk of local aggregation epidemic is greater. In order to ensure the health and safety of campus, family and students, I will send the following warm reminders to you and their families on the prevention and control of the epidemic: 1. Actively report to strengthen health to strengthen health manage. If you and your family have a history of living outside the province within 14 days, please do 2 nucleic acid tests within 48 hours after returning to Sanya, and take the initiative to report to the class teacher where the child is in the class. After that, the child can return to school.

Second, reducing gathering, not necessary to go out. It is recommended that you do not organize or participate in clustering activities. You must not leave the city, do not go to domestic high -risk areas to effectively reduce the risk of infection. Children try to "two points and one line" from the door of the house to the school gate to reduce unnecessary travel. Third, improve awareness and do personal protection.

The epidemic is not over. You and your family still need to maintain a high sense of epidemic prevention. When you go out, you and your children need to take self -protection measures such as "correctly wearing masks, hard -working hands, and ‘one meter lines". If the mask is soiled, you need to replace it in time (new masks need to be replaced after the mask). (Responsible editor: Pan Huiwen and Jiang Chengliu) Share more people see the client download.

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