Seek steady progress, "three lives" integration -the front -line observation of Zhejiang’s economic and social development

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 29th. On April 29th, "Xinhua Daily Telecom" published a report entitled "Steady and Seeking the" Three Lives "integration -Zhejiang Economic and Social Development Frontline Observation". In April of the world, Zhejiang was vibrant. From the coast of the East China Sea to the urban wetland, from the industrial community to the northern Zhejiang village, the majority of workers maintain strategic determination, steadily seek progress, coordinate the integration of production, life, and ecology, and minimize the impact of epidemic conditions on economic and social development. The staff carried out production in Beilun Dae -end Auto Parts Park (taken on March 4, 2021). Xinhua News Agency reporter Weng Xinzhang’s giant bridge hanging out of the red skyline into Ningbo Zhen to mechanical molds in Beilun District, Ningbo City. The workshop, the workers operated the machine tool instruments, so busy. In recent years, the company has keenly captured the changes in the sales structure of the automobile, transformed rapidly, and stood to the new energy vehicle "air outlet", becoming a supplier of many well -known new energy vehicles, and the per capita output value has reached 1.2 million yuan. The general manager Zhang Qunfeng said that the order of orders is too late, and the new plant may be better after being put into production. As a new "little giant" company in the national specialty, the die -casting mold produced by the company is core competitive in the global market. The largest mold that can be manufactured two years ago was 80 tons, which now reached 150 tons. Last year, the sales order exceeded 100 million yuan. , Year -on -year increased by 39 %. Zhenzhi Company is the representative of the majority of small and medium -sized enterprises. The Beilun Dae -end Auto Parts Mold Park, which is located, concentrates 11 among the top 20 of the national die -casting mold enterprises. In 2021, the industrial output value of the park increased by 32 % year -on -year. To innovate, the first to complete the digital transformation, Ningbo Junling Holding Mold Technology Co., Ltd. has greatly reduced management load and vacancy.

General Manager Yao Xianjun said that the utilization rate of production resources increased by 30 %. Ningbo Aikeson Automobile Electronics Co., Ltd. is the head of market segmented market. It was affected by the suspension or price increase of raw materials in the past two years. "It was more painful at first". Later, production has stabilized. Last year, sales of 8 % came up. This year, "specialized new" enterprises will be declared.

  Half an hour’s drive is the mountain port area of ??Zhoushan Port in Ningbo. The 10,000 -ton giant wheels from ocean are berth. The stacking yard is full of containers from all over the world. Skyline. Facing the complex and changing epidemic prevention and control situation and the pressure of logistics insurance, Ningbo Zhoushan Port strengthened multi -party linkage, seized freight resources, and had steady transportation production.

Give full play to the advantages of sea railway and branch lines, coordinate and coordinate the release of container and sea railway operations, help enterprises connect related businesses, and tailor -made logistics plans and emergency plans.

The risk research and judgment mechanism of the outside of the wheel is established, and the "Harbor Digital Intelligent Epidemic Online" system, the E -Port Card reservation system, and the "three -in -one" face automatic identification system are promoted to build a strict defense line for prevention and control.

At present, the largest container terminal in Hong Kong can arrange the maximum of 140 personnel to work at the same time, and the maximum daily loading and unloading capacity exceeds 100,000 standard boxes.

  Since the beginning of the year, Ningbo Zhoushan Port has continued to build a strategic node of the domestic and international dual -cycle. It has opened a number of ocean trunk lines in many directions such as Europe and South America. The total number of container routes has reached 296, which has reached a record high.

The latest statistics show that in the first quarter, the total amount of cargo throughput was 100 million tons in Hong Kong, a year -on -year increase of %; the composite container throughput was 7.91 million standard boxes, a year -on -year increase of %. Iron ore, crude oil, liquefied oil, food and other bulk bulk goods have increased steadily. Newly opened a number of sea railway transportation. In the first quarter, the total volume of sea railway transportation business volume was a standard box, a year -on -year increase of %.

  On April 12, the operation scene of Ningbo Zhoushan Port Port.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Wei Yijun’s shade from Chun and Jingming’s grass and trees could not stop the giant wheels of the economy, and could not stop the spring and Jingming and grass and trees.

  Ningbo Zhoushan Port is about 200 kilometers north. The first national wetland park Hangzhou Xixi Wetland is ushered in the annual Flower Festival. The grass and trees are fragrant and the Qunfang vomit, and the rivers and lakes are everywhere, and the reeds and green birds are full of natural wild fun.

  "As soon as I get the weekend, I will bring my children to the wetland to feel various flowers and trees, and breathe the fresh air here." Said Ms. Duan, a citizen of Hangzhou.

  It is reported that the overall water quality of Xixi Wetland is kept in category III, and some core areas reach Class II. In the past two years, the Xixi Wetland Vitamin Beast Plants have added 73 species to 784 species; 10 species of birds have been added to 196 types; 6 species of insects are added, and 898 are now; 56 kinds of fish are stable. Biological diversity is continuously enriched and improved. Not long ago, the 35th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress of Zhejiang Province approved the newly revised "Regulations on the Protection and Management of Wetland Park in Hangzhou Xixi National Wetland Park" to make detailed provisions on the wetland ecological protection. Since 2020, Hangzhou has launched the West Lake Xixi Integrated Project to achieve "one ticket travel, a ship navigation, a route pass, a battery vehicle connecting, and a digital bus connection". The people of the people and the scenery are extended from the original 2 square kilometers to nearly three times.

  Green water and green mountains are Jinshan Yinshan. Inheriting the thousand -year -old farming and fisheries, the traditionalized and cultural tourism products of the one -year production and three industries are integrated and developed. The wetland "original ecology" experience is difficult to find, and the income of the indigenous people after engaging in the tourism service industry has greatly improved.

  The deepest experience of Huize, the concept of the "two mountains", also the villagers of Yucun, Anji County, Huzhou City.

With the beautiful mountains and rural scenery, Yucun received nearly 900,000 tourists last year, the village collective economic income exceeded 8 million yuan, and the per capita income of farmers reached 10,000 yuan. Anji has completed the size of bamboo forest carbon exchange storage (including pre -collection), and the total contract amount is 10,000 yuan. It is expected that the carbon exchange volume can be generated by 10,000 tons per year. It has successfully completed the first carbon exchange transaction with the enterprise.

On March 25, the Anji County Forest Carbon Exchange Administration was officially listed. The sightseeing vehicle is driving in the wetland of Xixi Wetland, Hangzhou, Zhejiang (taken on March 2, 2021, photos of drones).

The Xinhua News Agency reporter Weng Xinzhang’s "full and exciting every day" to make the people’s livelihood work, which is an important foundation for coordinating the prevention and control of the epidemic and economic and social development.

Intelligence and informatization are deeply integrated into Zhejiang’s grass -roots governance. In Anji County Social Contradiction and Disputes Specification and Resolution Center, through the collaborative processing platform, uniform registration, unified classification, and unified distribution, the entire process can be queried, tracked, and evaluated to ensure that everything is out of place and echo. As of now, the platform has accepted about 10,000 conflicts and disputes, with a response rate of 100 %, and the problem resolution rate is 97 %. Digital improvement efficiency is 61 %, and the success rate of improvement is 38 %.

90 % of the county’s contradictions and disputes were resolved at the township and village level. In the past two years, a large number of cases were diverted through the center. The resolution rate was resolved by more than 6,000 before the complaint, and the resolution rate rose by % year -on -year. "In the days when the epidemic is overcast, we must participate in more cultural and sports activities to promote physical and mental joy, and to be full and wonderful every day." Satisfied: "You can see what activities are at any time, and make an appointment immediately.

"Civilized Brain" is a digital application scenario created by the West Lake District using the "urban brain" thinking, integrates resources, accurate services, and builds the "15 -minute quality cultural life circle" in front of the people’s house.

  The hospital’s parking difficulty is the pain point of people’s livelihood. The "urban brain" excavate the peripheral bull resources, intelligent planning, traffic police, urban management and other departments to cooperate, and use computing data to guide the vehicle to find the berth quickly. The average parking time of some key "popular" hospitals has dropped from 90 minutes to 15 minutes.

  Hangzhou proposed that it is necessary to use the "urban brain" to unify the construction of digital society to comprehensively improve the warning forecast and strategic management capabilities. Replacement of manpower with computing power and increasing efficiency with intelligence allow the people to have more sense of happiness and security.

  Develop "high quality" and yearn for "high quality".

Liu Jin, manager of Ningbo Zhen to Machinery Holding Co., Ltd., said that the per capita wage income of employees has increased by nearly 20 % in the past two years. "Come to work.

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