Even if they are the people’s teachers,By seniority,By job title,Performance bonus,Add all together,Highest paid,It’s less than 800 yuan a month,Moreover, this is after the promotion of teachers’ salary nationwide。

right now,A sophomore,The cost of writing a novel is 3,000 yuan,This news is like a blockbuster,All of the teachers present were dumbfounded。
Many of them can’t help thinking in their hearts,If you write a few novels yourself, try,Will I be able to earn this money??
But this way,Lu Menglin is indeed the author of the novel,And the news that the submission was successful,Shouldn’t be fake。
People’s magazines will not even mistake the address of the manuscript fee, right?!
Just this way,The teachers in the office look at Lu Menglin’s eyes,It’s completely different from just now,It’s a world apart。
“what!That one,Classmate Lu Menglin’s performance was unexpected!Of course,This is also the same as our usual training of him,Have a great relationship。”Old man Xu who teaches politics is the first to react,Praised with a smile。
“Yes!Yes!Lu Menglin’s historical results have always been good,He can achieve today’s results,It is also inseparable from his usual accumulation of historical knowledge。”Teacher Sun who teaches history also said,Try to get a little light。
To know,Senior sophomore Lu Menglin,Be able to《Science Fiction World》To publish such a large article in a magazine,This incident will definitely make a sensation in Textile City,And it is likely to be reported as a model of quality education,Don’t say it’s our school,Even the Municipal Education Commission is likely to be alarmed。
Teacher Liu, who teaches English, immediately thought of Lu Menglin’s relationship with the Board of Education.,I couldn’t help but shiver,Said quickly:“I just said!There are still geniuses in this world!Our classmate Lu Menglin is a genius!He can write a good article,What’s not a genius?We should encourage him,Applaud for him!”
Talk about it,Old Monster Liu took the lead and applauded,His warm applause,The teachers around also applauded。
For a time,The atmosphere in the whole office became elated,Happily,No one will go deep into whether Lu Menglin’s monthly test scores are cheating。
Compared to the genius literary boy was discovered,What’s the result of this mere monthly test??
There are even a few teachers who have secretly made up their minds,You must take the time to ask this classmate Lu Menglin,How to《Science Fiction World》Contributed by such a magazine,How can I improve the success rate of submissions?。
After all,Whether it is《Science Fiction World》National reputation,It’s still that shockingly large amount of manuscript fee remittance slip,Are stimulating the hearts of many people present。
What is fame and fortune?This state that many people dream of,Has happened to this boy alive。
“Lu Menglin,Collect your letter and money order,Don’t lose it。The guy’s article is well written,the student surpasses the master,But still not proud,Study hard,Improve your performance,Admitted to a good university,Will have a brighter future!your future,Will definitely be much better than us!”
Teacher Gong intimately patted Lu Menglin on the shoulder,Said sincerely。

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