As for why101,This is also easy to explain,First“1”Yes“Lenovo”First-generation products,Back“1”Is the first product,If it is the second change, it is“102”,After that“103”、“104”……At a glance,simple and clear。

This explanation comes out,Garrett2000A kind of soft-shelled turtle that instantly admires their boss,Where is Chen Geng holding his stomach and laughing。
After the first model machine for users to have an intuitive experience is displayed,All the people involved in this project took a deep breath:9Inch monochrome spherical display,In addition, you can choose up to12Inch spherical independent display;With a bunch of upright mainframe chassis and improved keyboard、Trackball……
So beautiful!
If put in the living room,It is simply high-end home appliances that make people feel extremely high-end at first glance.,If it is in the study,At first glance, people feel that the master’s taste is extraordinary、Knowledgeable。
Again,It feels shallow on paper and a good-looking skin……
What a beautiful skin is that special, so beautiful、It’s so pleasing to the eye!
I didn’t think so when I first saw the renderings drawn on paper,But when you see this display“prototype”,Dorothy felt,This is aimed at this exquisite appearance like a high-end appliance,Can this computer be sold?40Wantai is really hard to say,But selling hundreds of thousands of units does not seem to be a problem……But even if it’s hundreds of thousands,That also created the record of personal computers。
Also at this time,Jabil、Solectron、News from Visteon:They are very happy to provide Garrett2000OEM this product,But orders with such a large capacity flexibility……Have to add money!
Why add money,These three electronic productsOEMThe reason given by the manufacturer seems very sufficient:Because your production capacity is uncertain,If you decide that one year10Million capacity,or20Ten thousand、or30Ten thousand,This is easy to say,We can calmly arrange our production capacity,But your capacity10Million to40Tens of thousands,We need to consider more other factors when we arrange,Maybe you have to push other orders for your order……
In a word,Add money!

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