“Look, I won’t throw this magazine away for you today,I see what else you will watch。”Suddenly, Lin Yoona muttered to herself viciously to the magazine in her hand.。

After Lin Yoona finishes talking,,Actually picked up the magazine,Walked to the window。
Wait until Lin Yoona walks to the window,When I want to open the window and throw out the magazine,She suddenly reacted,What’s wrong with myself,Why are you angry with a magazine?。
Looking at the magazine in hand,Lin Yoona smiled bitterly unconsciously,What’s wrong with myself,I’m jealous of a magazine?
So this is what it feels like to be jealous?
Lin Yoona looked at the magazine in her hand again,Turning his face away and glanced at the direction of the bathroom,Took a deep breath,After calming myself down,Lin Yoona closed the window,Put the magazine back in its original position。
After Lin Yuna glanced at the direction of the washroom again,Wry smile,Then I changed into pajamas,I just lay on the bed and went to sleep。
Forget it,Since that wood is not interesting,Then I have to wait like this,After all, such things as the king’s hard bow,Lin Yoona can’t do anything。
After taking a bath, Lin Yoona really relaxes.,Not long in bed,Lin Yuna fell asleep。
When Xiao Fan comes out from the shower,It’s estimated that Lin Yoona has already entered deep sleep。
Xiao Fan glanced at the direction of his magazine,It was obviously moved by Lin Yoona。
Actually, it’s not that Xiao Fan deliberately wanted to see if Lin Yoona moved her magazine,It’s just that Xiao Fan has a very deep memory of where everything is placed.。
and so,As soon as he came out,I noticed that my magazine was touched by Lin Yoona。
After a helpless smile,Xiao Fan just lay down on the bed and went to sleep。
Sleep well,After breakfast the next morning,Liu Chunlan told Lin Yuner that grandpa and his family would probably not arrive until the afternoon or evening。
“Ok,I know!”Lin Yoona bit the bread in her hand,Replied。

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