Lu Menglin walked to the depths of Chiyue Canyon alone。

Actually he didn’t go too far,But directly summoned the skeleton soldier Xiaoqiang。
Summon creature:Skeleton Soldier
Attack power:Three hundred thirty eight
Defense:Five hundred and ninety two
Moving speed:twenty five
Data displayed on the system panel,Let Lu Menglin’s confidence increase。
I practiced hard for half a month at Shirichi Gate,Sure enough。
in fact,The strength of the skeleton soldier Xiaoqiang,Much stronger than everyone has seen,In the foreign world of Shenmin Continent,Already belong to the perverted existence。
Lu Menglin deliberately suppressed Xiaoqiang’s combat power,Didn’t let it attack those Scarlet Moon Spiders,Just for the Yin Ren after entering the Chiyue Canyon。
At this moment,There was a scream of spiders in front,There are three red moon spiders lying on the corner。
Lu Menglin looked intently,Are two Sirius spiders and a huge flower-snout spider。

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