Everyone go forward,I started to see some other people in the village。every day,There will be people here to fight。Good luck,May find a piece of high-quality material,One or two years of income is ready。

“Wind brother,They are outsiders?”Someone suddenly asked,A little wary in the eyes。
Here,It’s almost the prohibition of their village,No outsiders are allowed to approach casually。
“My good friend,Come see and see,I just reported to the village chief。”Song Ge calmly said。
Hear this,That young man just lost his guard,A little sorry:“Sorry!habit……”
Hu Yang shook hands with him,Inadvertently interrupted:“It’s ok!I can understand。Come this time,Mainly long-term knowledge,If you have the right material,Maybe take one or two yuan back。”
Song Ge is caught in the middle,Introduce them to each other。
“Hu Ge,No smoking?”Talking,The young man took out a very down-to-earth double happiness。
“No more,No more!To be cool when I was young,I spent a year and a half with others,Later I felt boring。”Hu Yang smiled,Declined the cigarette。
The audience in the live room couldn’t help but laugh,I want to,Didn’t they come here too?
At the beginning,Don’t know what smoking is like,Just watching others smoke,Especially the friends around,I don’t smoke and feel uncomfortable,And not keeping up with the trend,So just follow。
in fact,Smoke for a year and a half,It’s not difficult to stop。
Those old smokers,Inseparable from cigarettes,It’s almost a habit that has been cultivated for more than ten。

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