But the old bureaucrat is the old bureaucrat,After realizing that Chen Geng is not easy to mess with,In just a few seconds,He suddenly smiled:“Ha ha……Mr. Fernandez,Just a joke。”

“this is only a joke?”Chen Geng raised his eyebrows。
“of course,”Al Thani nodded affirmatively:“this is only a joke。”
If Chen Geng resisted his blackmail,Then this is a joke,If you don’t resist……Not only will Al Thani find a way to scrape a layer of oil from Chen Geng,The other guys who had an influence on this arms sale,I will also try to scrape more oil from Chen Geng’s body,It’s not moral,Who makes you bully?
In international arms sales,“Good bully”Is the original sin。
Although Chen Geng proved that he is not good at bullying,But Al Thani thought for a while,Decided to try again、。
“Ok,you win,”Al Thani nodded,But at the same time,He also emphasized a point:“But I am the commander-in-chief of the Turkish Air Force,I have the right to bar you from entering,And your Jacques-130Is Soviet technology,and so……You know。”
Not to mention,If Al Thani, in the name of the commander-in-chief of the Turkish-Egypt Air Force, opposes the introduction of Jacques from the COMAC-130,This matter is really a bit unclear,Not to mention that Al Thani’s second reason is stronger:Jacques-130It is funded by COMAC、Developed in cooperation with the Soviet Union Yakovlev Design Bureau。
For giving up the Soviet Union、For the top Turkish government and military leaders who want to hug the thigh of the United States,This factor is something they must consider:Since we have so many choices,Then why do we risk offending Americans、Must choose products related to the Soviet Union?
This is Yangmou,No matter where you go, you can get it、Defensible。
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First1089chapter Double pressure
Out of Al Thani’s office,Little Macdonald gloated over Chen Gengdao:“Dude,This general Al Thani doesn’t seem to buy your face much.。”
“Ok……”Chen Geng responded,Doesn’t seem to care:“He is the Deputy Minister of Defense and Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force。”
The way of thinking of military leaders like Al Thani,Chen Geng is not too familiar,One by one, I’m used to calling the wind and rain on my own territory,Plus I have a gun in my hand,I always think that he is the second and third,A few unruly military leaders don’t talk about foreigners,Even the heads and brains of their own government don’t pay attention:I have someone in my hands、Have a gun,Who dares not listen to Lao Tzu’s greetings,I beat him!
of course,Chen Geng knows that this has something to do with having never set foot in this business before:You are a new rookie rushing out,What if you are the richest man in the world?Don’t bully who you bully?
Chen Geng’s mind is very simple:That’s all right,Of course you can bully me,As long as you can bear the consequences。

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