Xiao Fan said:“Of course I am happy if you think so,Let’s go,Have a taste。”

Xiao Fan brought Lin Yoona to the table,Just after Xiaofan finished cooking,Heavenly rice is ready,And put the chopsticks and spoons on the table。
Lin Yun just saw the painting there。The mistake is to see him take it seriously。I don’t even know that the vendors have already prepared the food。
So when Lin Yoona put down the design drawings and followed Xiao Fan to the table,She was so surprised。
The presentation of the dishes on the table is so good,Due to today。Xiao Fan made him crab and shrimp。A lot of color has been added to the table。
So Lin Yoona is now completely surprised by the dishes on the table,“This dish is too good?This looks like a must-see,Husband。”
Xiao Fan said:“Don’t praise its appearance like that.?”Xiaobai also noticed that Lin Yun’s eyes brightened a lot in an instant,He realized Lin Yun and was a little shocked
Then he said:“Waiting for you to taste,Taste is the most important thing when I see you look good in your stomach,Useless。”
Lin Yuna said:“That’s also。”She picked up the chopsticks to taste。
I took a bite of onion salad,This dish,He knew Xiao Fan would still do it,so,He doesn’t have to worry at all。
Xiao Fan is already peeling shrimps for Lin Yooner。Lin Yoona took another piece of chicken to eat。
Where’s this spicy chicken,Xiao Fan didn’t know how to do it before,On the contrary, this time I checked the home cooking on the Internet and suddenly wanted to eat this。
Xiao Fan had to find a video to learn now。Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yoona expectantly,I want to hear his comments on this dish。
After Lin Yuner took a bite,,Immediately smiled and said to Xiao Fan:“awesome,Why are you so good?”
“The dishes are so delicious。If in the future,Let’s open a restaurant if we don’t want to start a company,You are the chef,I will be the boss,Our restaurant will definitely be in business。”
Xiao Fan listened to Lin Yun’er,Then I told Lin Yuna:“This idea is not bad,If we really don’t want to be businessmen,Don’t want to start a company,How about opening a small restaurant?”
“And then。Our young couple can run a small restaurant to maintain a normal livelihood, right??”
Lin Yuna said:“Yes,That kind of life is plain and happy。”
What Lin Yoona thinks is pretty good now,Xiao Fan should also make peace,But actually but very unrealistic。

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