“What do you think!I listened first!”Lu Menglin continued to remain silent,But want to hear more。

After all, after coming to this plane,He always feels something is wrong,As if there is always a fog,Make people blind to the truth。
“The ancient plate was summoned by me!It’s mentally damaged while passing through the plane channel,That’s why I let it heal here。The first time you saw me,I am actually observing it。”
“According to my calculation,As long as its injury recovers,Get enough energy on this plane,I can fit with it,Two into one,Then break through the space constraints,Enter a higher plane,Which is where you came from。”
“from this angle,I am in line with your goals,We all want to break through the limitations of space,Go back over there。and so,We have a basis for cooperation。And without me,You can never go back。”
Lu Menglin heard this,Can’t help but frown,Shen Sheng asked:“Just for you to break through the space,You sent millions of human races to die?And the previous invasion of the Dark Race,Could it be you did it too??”
“Do not,not quite!Those alien invasions,Is the will of Gupan,Although it was summoned by me,But also brought a large number of troops,Which is what you call the dark race。”
“As for the lower human races,Their lives and lives are in the eyes of extraordinary beings like you and me,Just some numbers that represent energy。And you are not a human race on this plane at all,Have no feelings for them。I think,I am not wrong?”
These shady scenes came from the mouths of mysterious girls in white skirts,It sounds a bit creepy,Especially when she appears as a human,There is also an inexplicable sense of fear。
She clearly looks like a human,But did something completely inconsistent with the human mind,Her plan,Her actions,Completely beyond normal human imagination。
The more she looks,More fear!
“This thing in front of you,No matter what she is,But she is definitely not human!”Lu Menglin said to herself secretly。
“Then,You want to occupy the body of the ancient plate,Instead of trying to help it regain consciousness?”Lu Menglin asked lightly。
Girl Binghe nodded,Smiled:“Yes!I have only one purpose,Just leave this place,To the new world over there!So i need a strong body,Although the shell of the ancient plate is a bit ugly,But it is powerful,It is an immortal existence,And I will be such a being。”
“Do not!You can’t be immortal!”

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