“There are two?!”

Lee·Iacocca’s eyes stared,He just said that,I didn’t expect Chen Geng to have any good solutions,Unexpectedly, Chen Geng not only really has a way,And there are actually two!
“Ok,Two。”Chen Geng nodded affirmatively again。
Make sure Chen Geng is not joking,Lee·Iacocca was suddenly excited,Hurriedly said:“Brother,Say it,What’s the solution?”
“I promise that after I use these two methods,Sales of Japanese cars will also be suppressed,We will also grab more sales from Japanese cars,”Chen Geng smiled:“how about it,Think about the sales commission?Anyway, your selling price has also increased。”
“you sure?”I heard Chen Geng say that,Lee·Iacocca really moved。
“In this case……5USD!”Lee·Iacocca gritted his teeth:“If your method is really useful,I will convince the board,The design commission for each car gives you another five dollars!”
“Deal!”Chen Geng nodded openly。
Surprise joy,Chen Geng really didn’t expect Chrysler to let go,After all, it was already stipulated in the previous contract,considering“family”The more you sell, the commission you can get,Even if Chrysler doesn’t increase its design commission,In order to sell more cars,I can only come up with a solution,Now it seems,Chrysler“family”Is more important than I think,Although it’s only five dollars。
Chen Geng doesn’t sell Guanzi,Said:“First way:Hold one‘family’Fuel Contest。”
“Fuel Contest?”Lee·Iacocca doesn’t quite understand:“What about this fuel-saving competition?What is the use?”
Chen Geng:“Great effect,First of all,This fuel-saving competition is public,No threshold,Invite drivers from all over the United States to participate in this event,in other words,We have organized this fuel-saving competition into a one that all car owners can participate inparty。
Spread the bonus,Don’t just limit yourself to the top few,Set more rewards for better vision。
Organize the competition unit with the town as the unit,For example, you can win the championship of the township-level fuel-saving competition,You can get100Dollar reward,Rewards can be money,It can also be a gas card,It can even be a shopping voucher、Maintenance Voucher,Anyway, look at it。
Further up,county、City competition area is organized as a unit,To this level,Strive to get rewards for the top 100,Even if the reward for the person in the back is a maintenance coupon that is free of working hours during maintenance……
If you can win the national fuel-saving championship,The reward can be heavier,For example, in addition to free car delivery, tens of thousands of dollars will be rewarded.……”
Without waiting for Chen Geng to finish,Lee·Iacocca’s eyes are shining,He understands Chen Geng’s meaning and the role of this fuel-saving competition:This is to host an all American participation、All discussedparty!
If you really achieve this level,The publicity and promotion effect that Chrysler alone gains,It’s much more than Chrysler’s!
He hurriedly asked:“The second way?”

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